Living with Ostomy

living with ostomy

Various kinds of ostomy related procedures will require varying specific levels of care and maintenance. However, the one thing in common across all ostomy procedures, is that living with ostomy does not have to mean a dramatic compromise of quality of life, if handled properly.

Understanding Your Ostomy

One of the biggest issues with ostomy procedures is the sheer wealth of information of products, procedures, and methods of care that exist. Patients with ostomy procedures can find that wading through the many various pieces of renewable equipment, including bags, wafers, adhesive and more, can be daunting.
For patients dealing with already difficult medical procedures, managing your own supply levels every month, as well as coordinating with what exactly your insurance will provide, can be overwhelming.

For patients dealing with already difficult medical procedures, managing your own supply levels every month, as well as coordinating with what exactly your insurance will provide, can be overwhelming. 

Paying for Ostomy Supplies 

The most obvious difficulty of dealing with any renewable medical supplies would be the billing and insurance aspect. For a procedure such as an ostomy, which requires supplies to be replaced sometimes multiple times daily, and replenished monthly, navigating insurance filing, copays, and supply allowable amounts can be stressful

The vast majority of insurance plans do cover ostomy supplies but coverage varies. 

Ostomy Supplies Management

Generally, federal Medicaid guidelines do not mandate coverage of durable medical equipment, medical supplies, orthotics, and prosthetics — including ostomy supplies, wound dressings — other than those provided as part of another Medicaid-covered service (eg, home health or acute care). Recently different state Medicaid plans have started to cover Ostomy supplies. 

The first step to qualifying for no-cost supplies involves enrolling in your state’s Medicaid program. You can apply for Medicaid coverage at any time, but may not be eligible to receive geriatric incontinence supplies until age 65. Generally, if you are pregnant, disabled, under the federal poverty level, a caregiver, you can qualify before turning 65.

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Live life to the fullest

Though ostomy procedures have been around for a very long time, the degree to which ostomy bags need can be discrete and conducive to normal everyday activity has made dramatic strides in recent years. Bags are now more discrete, durable, and have stronger deodorizing capabilities that can make them almost completely undetectable beneath clothing. Additionally, new compact bags and wafers, designed for active ostomy patients, can allow for vigorous physical activity and exercise, even swimming, without compromising the integrity of the bag or the seal itself. By being informed of these new advanced products by a durable medical supplier like Aeroflow Healthcare, patients living with ostomy can ensure that they are maximizing their quality of life.

Ostomy procedures can be a major lifestyle adjustment for both patients and caregivers, but they do not have to mean compromising your quality of life. While the circumstances requiring an ostomy cannot be controlled, the amount of effort required for patients and their caregivers can be managed.



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