Leather Belts 101: The Accessory Every Man Needs

Accessory Every Man Needs

Every man should own a leather belt, if not several. They might just be the most versatile Accessory Every Man Needs in a men’s wardrobe. 

However, before you go and pluck a random belt from the store shelf, it is essential to understand the world of leather and the different available leather materials to be a knowledgeable consumer. 

This article will examine the different types of leather materials available. Afterward, you can visit Trafalgar for great deals on leather goods; click this link to visit the site.

What Are The Different Types Of Leather Material- Accessory Every Man Needs

Full-grain leather

This is the highest quality of all the leather materials. Full-grain leather is taken from the outer hide of the cow. The grain of this leather cut is densely packed with fibers making it incredibly durable and long-lasting, making it the go-to cut for shoes, furniture, and belts. Full-grain leather is typically not chemically treated, which allows for a natural process where the color will change over time, making it highly prized among leather enthusiasts.

Top Grain Leather

Similar to full-grain leather, top grain leather comes from the outer hide of the cow. However, unlike full-grain leather, top-grain leather has been sanded down and altered to hide imperfections. Normally, full-grain leather without imperfections is scarce and very expensive, so manufacturers will sand down the imperfections to manufacture seemingly perfect leather. This makes the leather more visually appealing, but it correlates to less durability and lower quality. 

Corrected Leather

This leather has been chemically treated to give the material a smooth, uniform look. The chemical process removes a lot of the durability and standard quality we see in full-grain leather but makes it easier to work with. It’s the material for leather belts.


Suede is a type of treated leather that is removed from the lower layers of the hide. The surface is chemically treated and sanded to leave fibers on top, giving it a very soft hand feel. The process allows for used to be quickly collared and customized. It’s a popular material for shoes and belts.


The following two materials come from exotic animals. First is ostrich leather, which is commonly used for luxurious items. Ostrich leather tends to have bumps from where the feather quills used to be. In the hands of the right designer, these bumps can turn into a great fashion statement. Even though they are mainly used for luxury items, ostrich leather is almost unmatched in durability. This is due to the natural producing oils ostrich leather secretes, which keep the surface healthy and robust.


As you can imagine, the skin of an alligator is callous and hard to penetrate. This makes alligator leather challenging to work with and quite expensive. However, it also makes it incredibly tough, durable and fashionable.

Leather Belts Will Never Go Out Of Style

This article has just scratched the surface of the world of leather goods, but now you should at least have a better understanding of what to look for when purchasing a leather belt. The world of leather fashion is fascinating, and unfortunately, many men are not fashion-conscious. Now you can be. 


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