Kelly Osbourne Loses 85 Pounds After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Kelly Osbourne
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The latest reports from the entertainment industry reveal that the massive weight loss secret of Kelly Osbourne was the gastric sleeve surgery that she underwent. To this, she says that it does not matter what other people feel about her look. On Thursday, August 20, episode of Hollywood Raw Podcast, Kelly Osbourne spoke her heart out. She said that nothing other than the shape of the stomach changes in this case, and that it has already been two years to the surgery. Moreover, the 35-year old actress is bold enough to say that she will never lie about the changes.

Other than her weight loss journey, Kelly Osbourne is working to maintain a sober lifestyle for the past two years. However, not many people had an idea about all of it until last month when the actress made her weight loss revelation. Moreover, she posted a picture of her size-26 jeans and said that it feels so good. In her Instagram post, she put up the caption where she says that there is no embarrassment in bragging about her journey because she is happier now. Even during the podcast, Kelly Osbourne seemed quite proud of her achievement and said that it was not the result of just a surgery. She took it as a challenge and always pushed herself to achieve better.

Kelly Osbourne talks about surgeries and weight loss

In the interview, Kelly Osbourne mentions that the primary reasons for weight gain are an incorrect diet and lack of exercise. To alter the adverse effects, all you must do is focus and keep moving in the correct direction. Moreover, the actress says that if anybody wishes to follow her, the person must remember that dedication is the key. Recalling the past couple of years, Kelly says that she had to go through an extensive therapy period to prepare herself in a way that she was finally ready for the surgery. Apart from the Gastric Sleeve surgery, she got a jaw replacement as well. Kelly says that the jaw work was mandatory to fix her harmful Temporomandibular joint dysfunction or TMJ. Apart from that, Kelly insists that there are still no changes to her face and body.

When questioned about her future surgery plans, she said that she has never experimented with her face because of constant fear. However, she wants to undergo surgery that can fix her saggy breasts. However, she is still not confident in making the final decision. She says that whenever she looks at or helps her friends recover from similar surgeries, the pain is evident. So, she feels she is better off this way rather than be unable to move her arms. Besides all her workout regimes and lifestyle alteration, meditation is now an essential part of her daily routine. Kelly Osbourne reveals that she meditates for 10 minutes each morning and evening, and she is satisfied with the result.

Being fit from inside is more important

She adds that meditation is the most authentic way in which she takes care of herself. While sharing all her experiences, Kelly mentions how she first had to feel happy to look better. She highlights how it was more important to fix the problems in her mind before she could start her physical transformation. It is essential to understand that a proper mindset is a must if you want to see more significant changes.


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