Johnson and Johnson Vaccine Paused Due to Blood Clot Cases

Johnson and Johnson Vaccine

FDA and CDC recommended a halt on the usage of Johnson and Johnson vaccine for coronavirus. Some patients received the vaccines and reported having blood clots.

FDA informed six unique and critical cases of a blood clot. Those people who are experiencing severe issues have received Covid-19 vaccines of Johnson and Johnson. 6.8 million people received vaccines from that reputable company.

The administration said that the cases they found among the vaccine recipients are extremely rare. The usual blood clot treatment is not working on those clots. CDC has organized a discussion with AICP(advisory committee of Immunization Practices) on Wednesday. The authorities are going to elaborate on those severe blood clot cases. They want to assess its potential risks. FDA intends to investigate in detail after the appropriate analysis.

There will be a halt to using Johnson and Johnson manufactured vaccines till FDA runs a detailed analysis.

Johnson and Johnson told Fox News that the company has always prioritized its consumers’ health and safety. They got to know about a few patients who faced unique blood clot issues. Those numbers of patients are not significant, though. Patients having low platelets are mostly having such blood clot issues.

Johnson and Johnson vaccine will be reviewed by global health experts

Johnson and Johnson and the health authorities of Europe are jointly reviewing those cases of blood clots. This is the reason why they are delaying their Covid-19 inculcations in Europe. The company is constantly communicating with health experts and medical authorities around the world. They want to review the issues as soon as possible and to solve the problems if there are any. The company is being transparent to the public about these issues. (sballergy)

FDA released a statement on their website calling the unique blood clot “cerebral/recondite venous sinus blood clot.” Patients who have lower platelets are facing this rare type of thrombosis. All six patients are women. Their age lies between 18-48. They began to notice symptoms after 6-13 days after receiving Johnson and Johnson vaccines of Covid-19.

FDA halts the further usage of Johnson and Johnson coronavirus vaccines to raise awareness of the health caregiver community. They need to know the details; after all, anything unexpected happens, they will have to deal with it. The treatment of those blood clots is yet to figure out.

Johnson and Johnson informed the White House that they would roll out 100 m doses of Coronavirus vaccines till May this year. However, the company faced crucial disruption in its production plant in Baltimore. Their several sites got shut down last week because of unfavorable reactions.

USA vaccines recipients facing side effects

Eight people from Georgia faced light-headedness post the vaccination (manufacturer: Johnson and Johnson). Heat might have caused such issues as per studies. Four residents from North Carolina also faced some reactions. Then there were three vaccine recipients from Iowa facing severe light-headedness. 11 Coronavirus vaccine recipients from Colorado also met nausea and dizziness.

The FDA told the press last Tuesday that they paused Johnson and Johnson coronavirus vaccines for a few days now. The experts are still reviewing the issues.


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