Is Semen Retention Healthy-What are its Benefits?



Men usually look for new ways to boost their health. They use semen retention techniques to avail of health benefits. However, the question that comes is semen retention healthy. Here, we will discuss a few aspects related to semen/sperm retention to answer your queries.

Overview of Semen Retention

Semen retention refers to the practice to avoid ejaculation. Men can do so by completely abstaining from sexual activity. Alternatively, one can learn to orgasm without ejaculation.

Methods to Perform Semen Retention

Before you should know is semen retention healthy or not, you should know the methods to perform semen retention.


Abstinence refers to refrain yourself from all sorts of sexual activities without or with a sexual partner.


You may involve in edging, where you have sex but do not reach orgasm. However, practicing it involves self-control. Whenever you have sex or masturbate, you have to recognize your body requirements and your feelings before reaching orgasm.

Stopping Sexual Activities

Before you go to the point of return, you must stop involving in sexual activities. Doing so will squeeze your penis tip to avoid the condition of orgasm.

Retrograde Ejaculation

Are you looking for a satisfying way to retain your semen? You should try the method of retrograde ejaculation. Even though the method is satisfying, you still need self-control to some extent. Like edging, you have to pay attention to the body to obtain retrograde ejaculation.

Whenever you feel like obtaining an orgasm, you should press on your perineum. Here, perineum refers to the area between your anus and scrotum that prevents the semen to exist. In other words, the area will divert the sperm or semen into your urinary bladder.

Valid Reasons Men Perform Semen Retention

Men perform the semen retention process for many reasons depending on their lifestyle. However, the activity leads to improvement in men’s health in the following ways-

  • Reduction of stress
  • Improvement in motivation
  • Improvement in self-esteem and confidence
  • Self-control to its peak level
  • Better concentration at work
  • A medium to stay energetic and achieve happiness
  • Improvement in diverse relationships
  • Increase in physical stamina
  • Ability to possess multiple orgasms

A few men also believe that semen retention boosts fertility. It increases the testosterone level or the quality of sperm leading to improvement in mood or energy. However, merely knowing the reasons for semen retention cannot give the right answer to is semen retention healthy. Hence, we have to know each of the purported benefits separately.

Benefits of Semen Retention

Sperm or semen that does not expel gets absorbed back into the body of men. Indeed, when a man does not ejaculate his testosterone levels increase. Accordingly, semen retention leads to many purported benefits, which include the following-

Mental Benefits

The proponents of semen retention cite many positive emotional and mental outcomes associated with the practice. You may experience a reduction in anxiety or stress in daily life. Simultaneously, the activity leads to an increase in the motivation levels while completing the daily tasks in the office, household work, and pursuing several other goals. The most obvious benefit of the activity is the renewal of self-control that you gain via abstinence.

Spiritual Benefits

Many men involved in the practice of semen retention have reported satisfaction and overall happiness in their daily lives. A few others have purportedly experienced meaningful and deep relationships with other people. These people claim that diverting their focus on sexual pursuits helped them to concentrate on several other facets related to their love lives.

Physical Benefits

Many published studies on physical fitness have revealed many physical benefits associated with avoiding ejaculation by men. Most of the positive effects also have some correlation with high testosterone levels. In particular, many men have experienced an increase in their energy levels and mood with a significant reduction in their body weight or fat with the increase in testosterone content.

Sexual Benefits 

Many men who have performed sexual retention for a particular period have reported a drastic improvement in their sexual lives. A long and intense orgasm is a significant achievement. Other than that, a few men have experienced an increase in their pleasurable orgasm feeling by practicing edging. A few men have considered it as an exercise to support and cure their premature ejaculation.

Additional Benefits

Elevated testosterone levels have resolved the query of is semen retention healthyand revealed many other improvements in men. These include the following-

  • Thick hair
  • Increase in muscles growth
  • Higher levels of energy
  • Improvement in the quality of semen/sperms

Bottom line and Outlook

Once you know the terminology, its reasons to perform, and a few benefits, you will ask, ‘is semen retention healthy or not?’ For this, we should say that modern practitioners have to say that semen retention results in many health benefits. In contrast, you will find limited scientific evidence to confirm such claims. However, the positive aspect is that intentional abstinence from sexual activities does not cause any adverse effect on your health. Therefore, we can determine the benefits of semen retention only based on the feeling of the patients.


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