Is It Okay for Wedding DJs to Drink At Weddings?


To drink or not drink, that is the wedding DJ’s question. As everyone knows, alcohol represents a gray area at weddings. Everyone wants to let loose a little and alcohol is part of that process. But what happens if people get out of hand and should you limit their consumption at weddings?

It’s even more important to ask yourself how you feel about the wedding DJ consuming alcohol on the job. Some wedding DJs will attest that alcohol helps them create the party. Others will insist that drinking on the job (even if it is your job to help people let loose while drinking) is wrong. 

So, with all of your guests and yourself getting down on the dance floor with their wine, screwdrivers, and sexes on the beach, is it okay for wedding DJs to drink? And what should you do if they get out of hand?

Can the DJ Drink At a Wedding?

This question is between you and the DJ. If you trust the Dj to provide an entertaining experience without getting out of hand, then what’s the harm, right? Not drinking is probably the best choice here as it helps prevent any complications from arising. Your DJ won’t be slurring his words, sloppily cross-fade between songs, or miserably fail at their Michael Jackson rendition. 

As a DJ, you won’t have to deal with accusations of you being drunk on the job and potentially losing your agreed-upon rate, or worse, face legal repercussions. Unfortunately for some DJs who can handle their alcohol without getting out of hand, guests will use whatever they can to accuse you of wrongdoing, even if you haven’t done anything wrong and your alcohol is harmless. 

On the other hand, most people won’t care if you drink. Many guests might even try to get you to drink. You can say no in this situation and you shouldn’t have to feel pressured. But if you are comfortable, this shouldn’t be a problem and you also shouldn’t have to feel like the law is after you if you take a sip of your favorite beer while having fun with the bride or groom. Typically, if your bride and groom (the clients) are okay with it, then it won’t be a big deal.

When Is Drinking Not Okay for the DJ?

If a DJ is at a dry wedding, it is not okay for them to drink alcohol. They should respect the client’s wishes, regardless of whether they agree with them. Some guests might sneak alcohol in on their own, but as the professional entertainment, you should not disrespect the bride and groom’s wishes.  You also shouldn’t drink during times that others aren’t drinking, during the ceremony, for example. 

When Is It Okay to Drink?

If the bride and groom hands you a drink, you should feel comfortable toasting with them. However, you should be careful you don’t over consume and you don’t want to risk sloppiness. You will also likely have to drive home after loading all of your equipment. Remember, you are at work and you need to be professional.  

You can also get the couple’s permission to let you drink. You can include a question in your reception planner document asking if it’s alright to eat or drink at the wedding reception. This might sound awkward, and somewhat like you are an alcoholic but it can also display a candidness and formality that can help you. 

Wedding DJ should never spend a long time in line at the bar. After all, you’re supposed to be at the DJ table. Avoid going to great lengths to hide you’re having a drink because it will come off suspicious. Crouching behind the bar to have a drink will be weird and you shouldn’t act like you’re doing anything wrong by having a drink. 

Benefits of Staying Sober During Your Performance


You need to be focused during your performance and alcohol can increase the likelihood of distractions. You should be able to focus on the minute details and nail every aspect of your set to get the crowd going. 


Drinking too much can impair your memory. Imagine forgetting the bride and groom’s name. Maybe you forget their first dance. Maybe you forget your planned set. You don’t want to be mid-set deciding whether you’re in the right section of the set. You also can’t get better unless you remember the aspects of your set people enjoyed versus the ones they didn’t. You should remember the networking you did the night before and the guests you impacted. 


DJing requires an intense amount of energy expenditure and alcohol can inhibit your stamina. You don’t need liquid courage to bring the noise and provide a rowdy experience for all those involved. Getting into the habit of using alcohol during your performance will create the illusion you can’t perform without it, which is a dangerous slope many performers slide down. Staying sober increases your stamina and will keep you sharp and focused throughout the performance. (

It’s Best to Stick to One Drink 

If you decide to drink it’s typically best to stick to one drink. You shouldn’t consider drinking multiple drinks because that typically leads to a lack of self control that will ultimately inhibit your performance. You should also consider sticking to one type of alcohol if you’re going to drink. This helps you avoid any pesky hangovers or headaches. 

Bottom Line 

Ultimately, it’s both safer and better for your professional reputation to avoid alcohol at weddings where you perform. You will be sharper, more alert, and avoid the risk of potential legal action against you in the case you do something stupid and out of control. 

Sometimes, having a drink with your client is perfectly acceptable. But you should only drink with your client if they explicitly say it’s okay and acceptable. When it comes down to it, it’s simply not worth it unless you have express consent from the bride and groom. 


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