In 2022, how much will junk removal cost?

Junk removal typically costs between €71 and €571, with many homeowners spending between €151 and €351, or €1.51 per ft3.

Junk removal costs roughly €211 for a single-family home and about €511 for a business. To remove rubbish and trash, a full-size truck with a maximum load of 451 ft3 will cost about €551.

The costs can vary significantly depending on where you live, from €71 and above.

There are many different kinds of junk removal businesses, and each one charges differently. Look at the expenses:


  • The national average price is €211.
  • The very least amount is €71.
  • €571 is the best pricing.
  • Prices typically range from €151 to €351.
  • prices for scrap removal.

The most typical way that junk removal companies bill is by the truckload. A trash removal vehicle can carry about four pick-up truck loads in one full load.

The price list for junk and trash removal

  • 61 ft3 or less costs between €71 and €111.
  • 1/6th Load 61-81 ft3 €91-131
  • 1/4th Load 81-121 ft3 €111-151
  • 121–181 ft3 3/8th Load for €151–€211
  • Half load 181-241 ft3: €211–€311.
  • 251 to 331 euros. 5/8th load, 241-311 ft3.
  • $311 to $381 for 311-361 ft3 3/4th Load.
  • 351 to $435 for 361-421 ft3 7/8th Load.
  • Full Load 421-481 ft3 €411–€451.

Some companies provide homeowners rapid prices for waste and trash collection based on their location. Online pricing quotes are yet another option some businesses offer. The online estimator is based on how much room your things occupy in a truck and the typical size of an item. Any item’s size may vary, which will have an impact on the final cost.

Box removal and curbside trash bag and scrap disposal

Here are the typical costs for rubbish removal:

  • for a minimal load, 71-111 (less than 11 sq. ft.).
  • for a 1/8 load, 91-131 (11-21 square feet).
  • for 3/8-1/2 load, 331-361 (31–41 sq. ft.).
  • 491-521 for a 5/6-7/8 load (66.6-71 sq. ft.).
  • For a maximum load, €551–€571 (81 sq. ft.).

Services for junk, trash, garbage, or e-waste

The cost and type of professional service you could need will vary depending on the sort of materials that need to be disposed of. We go into great depth here regarding the fundamental distinctions between “scrap,” “trash,” “waste,” “e-waste,” and “composting.”

Many municipal and county trash collection agencies won’t pick up things like refrigerators, TVs, stoves, air conditioners, couches, etc. Some cities, however, will hold a free rubbish removal day once every three months. Expert rubbish removal ranges in price from €71 to €571.

Your county or city often arranges for garbage removal.

Waste removal entails getting rid of dangerous substances including mercury, lead paint, and other toxic materials. Additionally, this service removes construction trash for a fee of between €61 and €125. Most junk removal businesses won’t take out hazardous items.

The majority of e-waste disposal consists of technological items including computers, screens, printers, photocopiers, shredders, and other similar items. The cost varies widely.

Composting costs between €71 and €111, depending on the volume, and can be done with both food waste and yard waste.

Costs of Scrap Removal by Type

Our basements and garages wind up serving as storage facilities for everything, including tonnes of old tools, old photographs, old toys, and refrigerators and air conditioners. Whatever it is, it exists and is expanding. The least expensive price you’ll pay for rubbish removal is between €71 and €111 for a small load (less than 11 square feet), and between €551 and €571 for a full truckload (81 sq. ft.).

Furniture removal costs

Getting rid of unused or superfluous furniture can be difficult. Numerous localities do not provide free pickup for furniture or household appliances, in addition to the fact that large pieces of furniture are frequently heavy and difficult to move.

  • Queen or king mattress prices range from €71 to €115.
  • Washing machine and dryer (two pieces): €71–€215
  • Entertainment centre (large): €99–€251.
  • A three-piece sectional sofa or couch costs €218–€375.

Furniture, appliances, TVs, tyres, and rims are all removed as scrap at the curb.

  • Refrigerators and freezers range from €35 to €61 apiece.
  • From €51 to €111 for piano removal.
  • HVAC systems range in price from €35 to €61.
  • Tires: €11-€35
  • Rail ties cost €31 each.

Junk Elimination By Item

Some rubbish removal companies will provide you with an accurate quote if you text them or send them a picture of the items you need to get removed. Once customers see the things in person, they will be given the final pricing on location.

  • Computers/printers range from €71 to €91.
  • Mower: €71-€91.
  • A hot tub or jacuzzi costs €251–€451.
  • Each gallon of latex paint costs €11 and cannot be recycled.

The cost of dumping at a landfill is high.

If you do it yourself, the cost of dumping at a landfill is typically around €111. If you hire a professional, budget between €121 and €251 for a typical-sized cargo. Due of their added weight, large items carry a premium. Two workers could be required to move these objects to a landfill or another designated location.

Costs of Dumpster Rental

Some businesses provide small dumpsters, allowing home owners to load trash and other goods at their own speed. Others provide a large dumpster for construction and remodelling operations. Typically, renting a dumpster costs between €311 and €811. Having a dumpster at your home makes it convenient to throw stuff away while working. After finishing your project or otherwise filling the dumpster, you can call the rental provider, and they will come and take it away.

Prices for regular trash and garbage removal.

Depending on where you reside, garbage removal is typically included as part of your county or city. Independent companies, however, frequently provide more services. Depending on the amount of waste, garbage disposal providers typically charge between €121 and €311 every visit.

City Trash Removal Costs

The costs shown below are merely averages. It is advised that you speak with your city about total costs. The yearly and regular monthly payments do not include the setup charge.

  • The typical monthly amount ranges from €15 to €45.
  • Typically, €135–€255 per year.

Waste Removal Costs

Disposal of Hazardous Waste

This involves having anything hazardous removed by a specialist. Typically, the removal is calculated per pound. The cost of the move could range from €61 to €125, or €1 to €11 per item, depending on additional municipal fees.

Waste from Construction

Debris left over from construction, remodelling, or other projects is another solid waste removal. Depending on what needs to be moved and disposed of, this elimination will cost approximately €225. Due to the fact that materials like soil, gravel, and concrete may only be priced per bed load, it is typically impossible to obtain a cost for this using an online calculator. The standard minimum load for rates is half a cubic yard.

Costs of E-Waste Removal

Because there are rules and legislation governing how electronic equipment must be disposed of, dealing with electronics, or e-waste, is challenging. The biggest problem with e-waste is that it contains a lot of toxic materials that are bad for both people and the environment. Overall, charges vary because the majority of e-waste collection fees are based on how many electronic items are recycled.

Reusing trash

Some items have excellent recycling potential. Some towns and household rubbish removal businesses take great pride in being green. In order to keep hazardous trash out of landfills, they will not only collect recyclables and electronic equipment but also dispose of them at the proper recycling facility for repair and resale. Weight, labour, and any state-imposed fees all factor into the price.

How Much Do Junk Removal Services Cost?

Junk removal companies bill according to volume, weight, labour, and accessibility. Typically, you should expect to pay €1.51 per ft3 or €451 for a full trash truck. Price variations depend on a variety of factors, including:

Operating expenses

  • Labor: Each employee makes an average of €577 each week.
  • Accounting, marketing, and employee overhead are administrative costs.
  • The number of workers needed for the position
  • The time required for packing
  • Deposit fees
  • Materials that have been tainted are pricey.
  • return on particular products via scrap metal sales, etc.

Free junk hauling and removal.

Give, sell, or spread the word!

You can donate clothing that you haven’t worn in the past 12 months and don’t intend to wear again. shoes that are past their prime? Get rid of them. Give your used dishes, pots, and pans to the Salvation Army or Goodwill.

Go through your washcloths and towels in the bathroom and discard any that are ragged.

Books! Bring them to the neighbourhood nonprofit that works with the clingy.

There are several non-profit organisations that would accept any kind of furniture, including mattresses, lightly used computers, refurbished washers and dryers, and household items. You are helping those in need by repurposing goods.

How to Choose a Junk Removal Service

Despite the fact that you could definitely rent a truck and complete your project with the aid of friends and family, doing so can end up costing you more in the long run and taking up more of your time. Alternatively, you might pay experts to complete the task for you. You can be sure the project will be completed quickly and effectively when an expert is handling it.


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