How to Wear Your Booty Shorts: Six Style Tips

Your Booty Shorts

The weather’s heating up and summer’s just around the corner. You’re counting down the days until you get to dance your heart out at your favorite music festival. And what’s the best part of festival season apart from the fun tunes and friends? The fashion!  Festival season is the perfect time to try out some new summer clothing, like booty shorts for women. As the ancient EDM prophets once said: “suns out, buns out.” (Okay, we can’t prove anyone said this, but we like to heed it as fact). Regardless, you’ll have plenty of fun in the sun while jamming out in a pair of booty shorts at your fave shows this year. In fact, there are more ways to style booty shorts for women than you may have considered. Come with us on a fashion journey for tips on how to style the most booty-ful outfits for summer. 

Consider Coverage & Cut

When buying booty shorts, it’s definitely a good idea to consider the kind of skin coverage you want before you buy. If you’re only looking to show a little bit of skin, you’ll want to look into more full-coverage options. If you’re somewhere in the middle, you could consider a cheeky cut, which shows more skin, but still covers a good portion of your backside. If you want the least coverage possible, there are a variety of thong and cut-out booty shorts to choose from. 

You can also personalize them by deciding what kind of cut you want. If you’re looking to cover your midsection, high waisted booty shorts are a great option. Or, if you want a high-rise option that shows more of your legs and thighs, high-cut booty shorts will do just that. Low cut options are great for those who want their booty shorts to sit right on the hips. Whichever style of coverage and cut you choose, they are bound to look good on you! 

Mosh in Mesh

You love your booty shorts, but you feel like they’re a bit too plain for your style on their own. Why not add a mesh skirt or pair of mesh pants! Mesh is a sheer, breathable fabric that comes in a variety of fun colors and patterns. Since it’s see-through, you can wear it as a compliment to the booty shorts you’ve got on, without fully covering them up. Mesh outfits also pair well with cute charms and chain belts, as a way to further accessorize your look. 

Heat Things Up with a Fiery Print

We’re sure you’re planning on burning up the dance floor this summer, so why not make it literal with a pair of flame-patterned booty shorts? People will totally have their hearts ablaze thanks to your fire dance moves and even more fire fit. Also, flames don’t just have to be orange and red: for an out of the box option, try a pair of booty shorts with a hot pink or neon green flame print. Whatever flame style you choose, you’re sure to be looking like hot stuff!

Fringe Is In

Yeehaw! This summer, it’s time to let your inner rave cowgirl out with a pair of fringe-lined booty shorts. Fringe shorts give your look a western flair, while being versatile enough to match with modern styles. To really go all out, pair your fringe booty shorts with a matching fringe top or denim bustier. Top it off with an iridescent cowgirl hat and boots, and you’ll be looking as fresh as a daisy while you party til the cows come home. All the cowboys and cowgirls in the crowd are sure to tip their hats to you too. 

Let Out Your Wild Side with an Animal Pattern

We’re firm believers in the idea that leopard print heals all wounds. While not good medical advice, there’s no way you’ll be feeling down when strutting onto the festival fairgrounds in a pair of leopard – or any animal – print booty shorts. You’re ready to get wild, and your shorts will show it!

Don’t Forget Sunscreen

While there’s no doubt you’re going to be looking hot while partying the day away in your festival booty shorts, you don’t want the summer sun to ruin your fun. When you’ve have a lot of skin exposed, you’ve gotta give it some extra love and be sure to apply sunscreen throughout the day so any booty burns are avoided. You (and your bum) will thank us later. (Dayvigo)  

Whatever your personal style, you’ll be looking good this summer festival season in a pair of booty shorts for women. If you’ve never worn them before, there’s no need to fret: there are so many colors, cuts, and styles to choose from, you’re bound to find a pair that you’re obsessed with. What booty short styles are you planning on serving this summer


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