How to Solve Rubik’s Cube-A Step-by-Step Process

Rubik's cube
Steps to solve Rubik's cube

The present generation loves wholesome entertainment and gaming experiences. Solving puzzles is also their favorite pastime. When it comes to solving puzzles, the Rubik’s cube finds a special place in the dreams of puzzle enthusiasts. Love it, or hate it, solving this wonderful puzzle is going to be a very special experience for you all. However, it may be an intimidating experience for many people to solve such a complex puzzle.

Rubik's cube
The best way to solve Rubik’s cube puzzle.

Well, if you also find it a complex phenomenon to put together all the pieces of this puzzle, and solve it, reading this blog completely is going to be a great advantage for you. You will come to know How to Solve Rubik’s cube after reading this post.

Step-by-Step Process to Know How to Solve Rubik’s Cube

If you are getting difficulty solving Rubik’s cube, you are not alone in the league. A lot of people get so much difficulty solving Rubik’s cube. According to some trusted reports, only 6 percent of people can solve the Rubik’s cube. Well, even the inventor of Rubik’s puzzle took one month to solve Rubik’s puzzle. To let decrease your complexities, we are mentioning a step-by-step process to get a proper breakdown of Rubik’s puzzle.

Solve the White Cross:

  • If you want to solve Rubik’s cube, you must begin by choosing a white edge piece with a colored sticker. It should match the center color on one side. If you want to go into depth about how to solve Rubik’s cube, this is the first step that you should master.
  • In the next step, you must rotate the bottom layer until you see the white stickers on the edge piece matches the white center sticker on the bottom face.
  • You must make specific moves to align the white edge pieces with their correct position, then insert them properly.

Completing the First Layer

The next step that you should learn about how to solve Rubik’s cube is to complete the first layer. Go and look for the white corner pieces that belong to the bottom layer.

  • If you find that the white corner is already in place, you must move it to the top layer to avoid disrupting the puzzle.
  • For adjusting a corner piece that is not in place, you should position it above its correct slot. Now, apply the appropriate sequence to bring it down into the place.
Solve the Second Layer of the Rubik’s Cube

Now, let us understand how to solve Rubik’s cube proceeding with the second layer.

  • To proceed further, focus on the middle layer edges that do not have yellow stickers. Now, find an edge piece that matches the center color of the adjacent sides, and position it directly below its intended slot.
  • Now, choose an apt algorithm that will help you to bring the edge piece to the middle layer and properly align it with the second slot.

Solve the Yellow Cross

Rubik's cube
Solve the mystery of Rubik’s cube
  • Moving further, you must inspect the yellow face, and determine which yellow edges are completely solved, if any.
  • Now, apply different algorithms that seem suitable to you and create a yellow cross on the top face. Make sure that the adjacent edge color matches the center colors.

Position Yellow Colors:

The next step in learning how to solve Rubik’s cube is the proper positioning of the yellow color.

  • Examine the yellow corners of the Rubik’s cube to evaluate if the yellow corners are correctly positioned or not.
  • If your findings say that the yellow corner is already in the right place, move on to the next one. If not, try to position an incorrect corner in the front-right-bottom position.
  • Apply a specific algorithm in a way that corner gets manipulated into its correct position.
Rubik's image
Untangle the mystery of Rubik’s cube

Go for Proper Orientation of Yellow Corners

  • In this step, hold the cube in a way so that an unsolved corner is in the front-right bottom position.
  • Now, choose an algorithm that will correctly orient the corner appropriately.

Permutation of Yellow Corners

Now, in this step of how to solve Rubik’s cube, learn the permutation of yellow corners.

  • To proceed further, rotate the top layer until all yellow corners are in their correct positions, regardless of their orientations.
  • Now, apply a suitable algorithm to permute the corners into their exact places while maintaining their orientation appropriately.

Permuting Yellow Edges:

The very next step that will aid you to know how to solve Rubik’s cube is the appropriate permutation of yellow edges.

  • When solving the Rubik’s cube, you must position the cubes in such a way that the yellow edges are facing up.
  • You must use an algorithm to swap the positions of the yellow edges until they are all in the correct places.


All these steps will make you proficient in learning how to solve Rubik’s cube. Stay clear that all these algorithms can be different based on the method you will choose to solve the Rubik’s cube. However, initially solving the Rubik’s cube will seem an uphill task to you, but later on, with practice, you will master the skills of solving the Rubik’s cube. We hope that you will practice these steps with patience, and you will get optimal results soon.


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