How to Remove And Dispose of a Christmas Tree

How to Remove And Dispose of a Christmas Tree

How to Remove And Dispose of a Christmas Tree. As beautiful and wonderful as a Christmas tree can be, the process of removing and disposing of it can be a challenge. The mess that comes with an old Christmas tree can become a hassle. It’s no wonder so many people keep their trees up longer than necessary. But the right junk removal effort will ensure you don’t struggle in getting rid of your old tree.

This guide will help you understand how you can get rid of an old Christmas tree in your house. You’ll find the junk removal process doesn’t have to be frustrating, nor is it going to leave a mess that is impossible to clean. You can clear the tree out of your house, plus you can find a suitable place that will help you recycle your old tree.

You’ll need to work on this plan soon if you want to keep your home comfortable. An old Christmas tree will start to wilt and begin to spread needles and other items throughout your property. The unpleasant smell can also be a hassle.

Preparing the Tree

Start by ensuring your Christmas tree is ready to be taken out of your house. Here are some steps to use at the start of the junk removal effort:

  • Remove all the lights from your tree first. Make sure everything is unplugged before you attempt to remove the lights.
  • Clear off any ribbons, ornaments, or other decorative accents left on your tree.
  • Remove the tree skirt from the bottom. Your tree skirt should be designed to where you can fit it around the tree without having to pick the tree up first.
  • Watch for your tree base. The base should be secure enough to where you can remove the tree and put it in the right position.

Get a Space Ready

You’ll need to place your Christmas tree down in an open space in your room. Be sure the open space is large enough to cover the entire tree. Move the furniture, floor coverings, and other items next to the tree.

Your junk removal covering should be wide enough to where you can wrap it all the way around your tree. The entire tree should be covered well enough to where nothing is exposed.

Applying a Covering

You will prepare a covering for handling your tree after you clear up enough space. Lie a dry cloth down on the floor next to the tree. Keep the cloth as close to the tree base as possible.

Remove your tree from the stand and place it on the laid-out cloth. Wrap a separate towel over the trunk to take in any excess water.

Wrap the cloth around the tree. Make sure every part of the tree is covered. You don’t need to roll the tree over when wrapping it, as stretching the sheet over both ends of the tree will be good enough. All branches should be covered before you attempt to move the tree out of your house.

Apply some fasteners around the tree while keeping it covered. Rope or other flexible cord items can work, although duct tape may also help if you have small openings. The tree covering should be wrapped well enough to where it won’t slip off while you carry the tree.

The covering ensures you won’t worry about branches, needles, or other items being left around your property. You’ll especially need this process to keep sap and other items from inside the tree from leaking around your property.

Carrying the Tree

Two people should carry the tree during the junk removal process. One person should handle the tree by the trunk, while the other carries the tree by the top. Do not attempt to cut the tree while indoors, as it may be too thick to handle without spraying wood shavings around your house.

Carry the tree out of the house trunk-first. Carrying it this way keeps the branches from catching on a door frame and breaking apart.

After It Is Outside

You can remove the tree cover after you completely move the tree outside. Be sure to wash off the covering before you bring it indoors. Wash off any sap, needles, or other items left on the covering to ensure you don’t track it indoors. You might require a heavy-duty detergent that can cut through sap and other stubborn things a tree can leave behind.

You can also vacuum any needles or other items that were left in your home. While the junk removal process here ensures you’ll keep your home clean, there is always the chance a few needles might be stuck in your home. Vacuum around the places where the tree went during the junk removal effort to ensure everything is clear.

Disposal Options

You can find someone to collect your Christmas tree after you finish moving it out of your house. The best idea for removing your tree is to find someone who can recycle it. Natural Christmas trees can be recycled into mulch and other items for use in many forms.

There are a few things you can do when disposing of your tree:

  • Contact a local entity that can collect your tree. Curbside pickup is available in the weeks immediately after the Christmas season.
  • You could also drop off your tree at a local recycling center. This effort works best if you have a truck or other large vehicle that can handle the tree’s weight.
  • A professional junk removal team can also move the tree off of your property and carry it to a recycling station for you.

Whatever you consider, the tree must be cut well enough to where whoever collects your tree can handle everything. The tree should be cut in half after you bring it outside. A tree will be easier to recycle if it is cut in four or five-foot lengths.

A Final Note

You won’t struggle with removing your Christmas tree when you follow the steps here. The junk removal process is simple and can ensure you don’t create a huge mess. The best part is that you can remove the tree not long after the Christmas holiday ends instead of waiting for a while.


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