How to prevent teeth staining from coffee

teeth staining

Coffee has many benefits for the human body. Scientists have confirmed that one or two cups a day can significantly affect the quality of your functioning in the day. That’s because it gives you the energy boost needed for the day. It also reduces the chances of illness and infection and removes toxins from your body. Researches show that coffee reduces the risk of 9% diabetes and depression and studies about coffee’s effects on the development of Alzheimer’s are still in progress. Your morning kick of energy should be a meditative, calm experience but you find yourself worrying about coffee staining your teeth?  Don’t worry we got you covered. In this article, we will go in-depth about coffee teeth staining.

Does coffee leave stains on your teeth?

Did you ever wonder if your daily coffee has a permanent effect on your smile? If you’re wondering how is this even possible there’s a very simple explanation. Enamel on our teeth has small, to the eye, invisible pores and tannins from the coffee get in very easily. Since coffee is an acidic drink it can really affect the protective layer of our teeth. Each time stains get deeper and darker. Some teeth are more susceptible to staining due to natural irregularities in enamel composition. In time your teeth get the yellowish color that can be very annoying. But there is a solution! It hides in a little change of coffee drinking habit. No, we are not gonna say stop drinking coffee. Just saying that you can adjust drinking coffee so that you reduce or even prevent staining on your teeth.

Habit change that can help with teeth staining

Preventing teeth from staining is something that will completely work for some people and for some just partially. That’s because people have different enamel compositions and while lucky ones can drink as much coffee without staining, others stain very easily.

  • Adding milk to your coffee has shown reduced staining so try adding some to your black coffee. It may be a big change if you prefer coffee with no milk but give it a try if you want to work on that staining. Still, keep in mind that additional sugar and milk bring more plague to your coffee. And plague can also affect staining.
  • Considering that tannin is what stains the teeth and that more caffeine equals more tannin we can assume that less caffeinated coffees leave fewer stains on your teeth
  • More time coffee stays on your teeth more staining happens. The solution to this is to drink faster or use a straw. Drinking fast will completely ruin your coffee joy but a straw is something you can add. Especially for the iced coffee. It can feel really fancy if you make a ritual out of it.
  • Washing your teeth or swishing water around your mouth right after finishing your beverage. If you’re at home you can wash your teeth, but don’t worry if not, you can always use a bathroom in your office to just rinse with water. Wherever you are you can do this quickly and help your teeth to fight tannin from the coffee.
  • Using an electrical brush should help with better teeth care which results in less staining. Invest in one of these and your teeth will get better rinsing than with regular ones which will result in it less staining.
  • Floss every day and your teeth will be free of bacteria which will make it more resistant to staining. It can be boring but it’s worth your health and the looks of your teeth.
  • Drink water with your coffee to make sure that staining is reduced to a minimum. If you take one sip of coffee and then one of water it will help with washing coffee off your teeth. Besides, it is always good to raise your water intake so this would be killing two birds with one stone.
  • Eating while drinking coffee may seem like a gross idea but when eating you will produce saliva. Furthermore, saliva keeps your enamel safe like you keep water in your mouth all the time. But it’s even better because saliva is denser than water.
  • Teeth whitening strips may make your teeth look whiter but that effect is not a long-term one. Those strips make your teeth more porous and more open for staining. You will spend more money on these than going to a professional dentist to help you with teeth care and whitening.
  • A professional cleaning will help with staining for real since your doctor has the necessary tools to clean your teeth properly. Do this on a six-month basis and your teeth are safe. Also, a dentist can see all steps that you specifically need to do for prevention and the treatment of your teeth. This professional dentist in Irvine highly recommends doing this regularly if you want to keep your teeth stain-free and healthy.

Removing existing stains

If you need help with removing existing stains there are many choices. We suggest good oral hygiene which will prevent plaque accumulation. This means regular teeth washing, using floss and whitening paste daily.

Another thing you can do is visit your dentist for cleaning treatments like polishing and abrasion which will help with staining. You try professional whitening which is done by a dentist who uses a bleach solution to remove stains from your teeth. They usually use hydrogen peroxide and light to activate it. This can help with deep stains as well as prevent new stains from appearing.


The benefits of the coffee are numerous but there are downsides to it like with anything else. With all, its good health influences come the little cost of teeth staining. Unless you are one of those people whose smile is not affected by a coffee. Tannins are what makes coffee have that bitter taste and the dry mouthfeel but it’s also what causes stains on your teeth. With proper care, your teeth should be fine. Just follow the instructions given in this article and visit your dentist often, since that’s where you’ll get the best information and steps to take.

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