How to Look Stylish and Trendy at Work Each Day


Does your work wardrobe leave you feeling rather dull? Is it uninspired and doesn’t exactly elicit excitement each morning as you get ready? When you leave the house feeling drab, it can affect your mood in a negative way, which can snowball rather quickly. So, why not shake things up and give your wardrobe the high-end and fashionable makeover it deserves? We’ve got a few tips that you’ll want to use so that you look stylish and trendy at work each day and enjoy a much more positive mindset.

A Long Jacket Elevates Any Outfit

Because we are heading into winter, a jacket is an essential piece of your everyday wardrobe. But rather than a basic coat, why not pick one that will instantly elevate any outfit you wear? A long jacket oozes sophistication and elegance, which may be the tone you’re trying to create in the workplace. Rather than choose basic black, however, why not opt for something more eye-catching like winter white or camel?

In terms of material, wool is very popular, but if you want something ultra-luxurious, cashmere or a cashmere blend is the best option. When choosing the fit and style, try to keep in mind you will be layering it over your work clothing, so you may want to have a little extra room in the coat.

Turtlenecks Are Enjoying a Huge Resurgence

Here’s a fashion item that seems to come and go, and for the 2022/23 winter season, it’s having a moment: turtlenecks are showing up on all the top designer runways whether it’s a sweater, blouse or dress. If you want to be fashion-forward, opt for a slim-fitting knit turtleneck dress. What’s great about this piece is that you can wear it on its own or add a blazer, cardigan, sweater or belt to it. In other words, it’s very versatile.

Elbow-Length Suede or Leather Gloves Serve Two Purposes

Here’s an item that can serve two purposes. Long-length suede or leather gloves will keep your hands, wrists and a portion of your arms much warmer but they also look beautiful. This style is always considered trendy, and you can pick them up in various colours to match your winter jacket(s). Don’t be afraid to pick a statement colour such as a rich jewel tone, camel, white or even navy.

Reaching for a Blazer – Make It Double-Breasted One

Blazers are often seen as a staple in the office, so perhaps you already have a wardrobe full of them. What does change, however, is the styles that are trending. Be sure to check out what the high-end designers are doing in terms of double-breasted blazers, as these will ooze a cool factor that works with any slacks, dress or skirt.

You can purchase the blazer as a full suit, or if you’re not the full suit type, just pick it up on its own. Either way, this is a fabulous way to update your work essentials.

Embrace the “It” Colours for Winter 

For those who just want to make a few small updates to their wardrobe, why not pick up a few pieces in trending colours? For winter there are a few that are standing out and the great news is that at least a couple will probably appeal to you. 

This year’s trending colours in winter fashion are:

  • Emerald
  • Lilac
  • Cobalt blue
  • Crimson
  • Burgundy

As you can tell by those colours, there is a mixture of warm and cool undertones so you can pick the ones that flatter you best. If you’re unsure whether you have a cool or warm skin undertone, choose cobalt blue as this one is classified as neutral, so it works on everybody.

What About Trending Fabrics?

Just as there are trending colours for winter 2022/23, there are also trending fabrics that designers are embracing. Some you may want to check out include velvet, knit, shearling, wool, leather or pleather and faux fur.

Even Your Non-Clothing Accessories Can Look Trendy

It’s not just the clothing, bags and shoes that you pick; it’s also the accessories you carry. For example, if you’re the type who likes bringing a coffee or smoothie to work, a sleek-looking insulated bottle such as the Hydro Flask is the perfect option. You can take your favourite drink on the go in a bottle that coordinates with your outfit and has an understated modern flair about it.

Having a modern and stylish-looking reusable stainless steel travel bottle is also an eco-conscious decision as you’re not using a disposable coffee cup from a shop each day. So, it’s a way to look fabulous and feel fabulous about your decision.

Taking the time to update your work wardrobe for the winter season means you’ll look as great as you feel when you step into the office each day.


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