How to Get Fit the Fun Way With Aqua Sports

aqua sports

Aqua sports is not only a great way to get in shape but also a great way to rehabilitate injuries that may have caused you to fall behind.

You can participate in swimming, water polo, and even aqua-cycling. Getting in shape doesn’t have to be daunting and unfun. Instead, you can use these different aqua sports to enjoy achieving new levels of fitness.

Here are the different types of aqua sports that are fun to play while also helping you get fit.


Although this is the generic thing to do while in the water, there are benefits of swimming that many people don’t know about. There are many different strokes to try, and each comes with the benefit of working a different muscle. You’ll also get a boost in your endurance levels.

Try setting goals and beating personal records to achieve new levels of fitness.


Surfing requires a combination of endurance, balance, and strength to ride your first waves. You need to be able to swim out to the bigger waves and then lift yourself onto the board when the wave starts to form.

Throughout your ride, you’re going to need good balance or you’re going to get thrown off and into the water.

Don’t forget to grab a wetsuit before you head onto the water though. Learn more about what wetsuit is right for you.

Water Polo

For those who enjoy a good team sport, they should check out water polo. There are teams of seven that have the main objective of getting a ball into a goal, just like with soccer.

But rather than using your feet, you’ll be using your hands to toss the ball around. Think of water polo as water rugby, but not as violent. You’ll want to be a decent swimmer before engaging in this full-contact sport.

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics can be a great way to build muscle and regain flexibility for those who have recently had to deal with an injury.

Thanks to buoyancy, the water is constantly trying to push you out of the water. When you need to raise an injured shoulder, for example, you’ll find less resistance than if you were on dry land.

You’ll also find an increase in endurance from water aerobics, just like with normal aerobics classes. While certain activities like raising arms or objects may seem easier underwater, running or making fast movements are greatly impeded thanks to water resistance.

Play These Aqua Sports to Enjoy the Water While Getting In Shape

Aqua sports don’t stop there either. There are activities like aqua-cycling, diving, and even synchronized swimming that you can try out. The goal is to get in the water and start moving, so decide what sport fits you best.

Know someone looking to get in shape but hates gyms? Share this article with them so they can learn about the benefits of aqua sports. If you want to learn more about different ways to stay healthy and fit, then check out the rest of our blog.


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