How to Choose the Right Golf Clothes for Women

Golf Clothes

A few of your friends from the office have asked you to come out and golf with them during the weekend. While you get the basic concepts of the game, you don’t know what type of clothing is appropriate for the course.

What do women wear to golf? Does it even matter? The answer is yes in the case of most golf courses.

They can be pretty strict when it comes to apparel. If you wear the wrong thing, you could get turned away. That’s one way to put a stopper on your fun-filled weekend with your friends.

We can help you pick out the right thing. Check out this guide to learn what to wear golfing.


The first part of your golf uniform that we’re going to cover is tops. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a classic polo shirt.

If you’re hitting the course on a cold day, turtle necks, pullovers, golf jackets from The Golfather, and sweaters are fine too.

What’s not fine are sleeveless shirts, tank tops, halter tops, and regular old t-shirts.


Now that you’ve got your top picked out, it’s time to grab your bottoms. Jeans and sweatpants are banned from most courses.

On hot days, many reach for shorts and skorts. If this is the route you want to go, that’s fine, but you’ll need to pay attention to length. Your shorts should be fingertip length.

If you would rather protect your legs from the sun, a pair of lightweight khakis or chinos will work.

Golf Dresses

What do women wear to golf when they want to look a bit more feminine? The answer is golf dresses.

They can be a bit controversial, but as long as you’re mindful of the length, you shouldn’t run into any trouble. Keep in mind that you can’t wear any old dress in the green. Most courses frown on sundresses.


In almost all circumstances, golf shoes are the way to go. You can buy them with or without spikes.

Shoes with metal spikes are forbidden because they can tear up the grass on the course.


Now you need the right accessories to tie your golf clothes together. In most cases, a cap or visor will suit your needs. Wearing them will protect your face from the sun.

Sunglasses will keep the sun’s rays away from your eyes, and you can’t go without a golf glove. It will help you keep your grip on your club when your palms get sweaty.

What Do Women Wear to Golf and Have Fun?

What do women wear to golf? Turns out your wardrobe doesn’t have to be much different than a man’s. A good polo shirt and a lightweight pair of khakis will fit the bill no matter what course you go to.

If you want to wear something a little more feminine, there are golf dresses. As long as it’s the right length, you should be good to go.

For more tips that will help you dress for golfing success, visit the Sports section of our blog.


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