How To Choose The Right Cutting Board

Right Cutting Board

In principle, there is no perfect cutting board. Therefore, most modern housewives prefer to have several different and right cutting board in the kitchen. 

Remember, the more complex the products, the thicker and stronger the right cutting board should be. 

Not all wood species are equally strong, and this is worth remembering if you use only boards made of this material in your kitchen for cutting different products. 

Do not forget to thoroughly clean the surface of the boards after each use, especially after processing meat products or fish.

Traditionally, kitchen boards were made of wood, but in recent decades there have been cutting boards made of new materials with advantages and disadvantages. Let’s try to understand the variety of modern kitchen boards and highlight the main criteria by which you can judge their quality. There are several such criteria: hygiene, “friendliness” of knives, durability, and cost.

The debate over which boards are the safest and most hygienic is still ongoing. The point in this dispute can be considered a study by the US Department of Food, which studied plastic and wooden boards with different surface conditions.

According to the study results, bacteria found after washing meat or other raw foods are equally easily washed off new surfaces and wooden and plastic boards.

However, the picture changes if the boards were used and their surface was significantly damaged by the knife. In this case, wooden boards are much ahead of plastic in terms of hygiene, from which it was almost impossible to wash the bacteria. The bacteria multiply in the cuts of plastic boards at high speed. It is no coincidence that it is forbidden to use plastic panels in catering establishments in America.

Bamboo boards

As bamboo is not a tree but a herbaceous plant, boards from it will be allocated in a separate category. Bamboo cutting boards are made on the principle of laminate flooring. Bamboo is cut into strips, which are then glued together, resulting in a plywood sheet. (Generic Ambien: Compare Prices and Buy Online) Bamboo boards are indistinguishable from wooden ones in appearance.

Bamboo board manufacturers claim that they are more hygienic than wooden ones because they have a more rigid surface, are resistant to loads and abrasion, and absorb less moisture. In practice, bamboo boards, the price of which is comparable to wood, become unusable much faster than the latter. An important point – when choosing a bamboo board, you need to make sure that the manufacturer did not use formaldehyde glue for gluing.

Pros: aesthetic, easy to clean, do not blunt knives.

Doubtful: durable, safe.

The most qualified bamboo cutting boards manufacturer is Royal Craft Wood, the eco-friendly brand from Atlanta, GA. Their bamboo cutting board has a human-friendly design and is engineered with the customer in mind. Their bamboo cutting board has:

  • Deep sauce trays to keep your kitchen tip-top tidy
  • Side handles to perform your cutting board into a serving tray.
  • Most of the cutting boards are double-sided and keep your knives sharp.
  • They take care of nature and your health. All the boards are made of eco bamboo wood and don’t have formaldehyde glue.



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