How not to make a mistake when choosing your first hearing aid?

first hearing aid

Healthy hearing is one of the indicators of a person’s quality of life. Thanks to it, we interact with the outside world and live and build a career in society. In addition, healthy hearing is essential for children. After all, it is the main factor in the full development of a person. If a child experiences some kind of hearing problem, then it is difficult for him to learn to speak, he does not do well at school and, over time, remains behind his peers. Adults also suffer from hearing loss. I’m not just talking about the inability to hear external sounds and the voices of loved ones. The gradual development of hearing loss leads to the formation of various physiological and psychological problems. For example, loss of orientation in space, frequent falls, isolation from society, depression, etc. Thus, healthy hearing is one of the most important factors for a full and happy life with first hearing aid!

Are you or your loved one experiencing hearing loss? Have you noticed that a person increases the volume of devices (smartphone, TV), or constantly asks to repeat a word or phrase in a conversation? He most likely has a hearing problem. Can you live with it? As the statistics show, most adults are in no hurry to see an audiologist. The average time from the onset of the first symptoms to consultation with a specialist is about 10 years. All this time, the disorder progresses and significantly worsens life. 

People do not seek doctors for various reasons. The main one is the psychological fear that people will find out about the problems. Nobody wants to be ridiculed. In addition, many people believe that hearing loss is a disability. All this is wrong! Moreover, such reasoning is absurd, because today there are effective and safe methods and means that help people restore lost hearing. One of them is the daily use of hearing aids Staten Island.

Hearing aids are indispensable electronic assistants for millions of people around the world. Thanks to these devices, people can again listen to the world around them and enjoy the voices of their loved ones. However, choosing them is not as easy as it might seem at first glance, especially if you do not have experience using such devices. The wrong hearing aid won’t give the desired effect. Moreover, the user will experience a feeling of discomfort and dissatisfaction. Therefore, the choice of a hearing aid should be approached with all responsibility!

What to look for when choosing a hearing aid?

Choosing a hearing aid is an important step in the life of a person with hearing loss. A large number of both manufacturers and models of devices facilitates the process and makes it more accessible. But on the other hand, a huge choice complicates it, it is so hard to understand the abundance of models and their characteristics. Illiterate fitting of a hearing aid can harm an already impaired hearing function. In addition, bad experiences with hearing aids often lead to a loss of confidence in hearing aids.

Therefore, when choosing devices, you should pay attention to the following factors:

One or two hearing aids

If you have problems with both ears at once, then the answer is obvious. But not everything is so simple if a person has difficulties with the left or right ear. Audiologists recommend using two devices at once, which facilitates the localization of the sound source, gives greater speech intelligibility, especially in difficult acoustic situations, and eliminates the head shadow effect.

Hearing aid type

Today, all hearing aids are divided into several groups according to their design and functionality:

  • Behind-the-ear hearing aids sit behind the ear with a tube with an earmould in the ear
  • In-the-ear hearing aids are placed in the ear canal and, partially, in the auricle
  • Completely in the canal hearing aid are located in the ear canal and are the smallest and least noticeable

Each type of hearing aid has its own advantages and disadvantages, features, and contraindications for use.

Device power

The hearing aid must be powerful enough to further alter hearing. After all, you buy devices for a long time. No one can tell if your hearing will get worse in 1-2 years or stay the same.

Main characteristics of the device

An important characteristic, in addition to power, is the number of channels. A channel is a range of frequencies over which the gain can be adjusted. The more channels you have, the more accurately you can tune your hearing aid to your hearing loss, allowing you to hear better. In addition, there are compression systems, noise suppression, a microphone system, etc. Other parameters affect sound quality, comfort, and speech intelligibility. Pay attention to this when choosing a model.

Availability of additional functions

Modern hearing aids are complex electronic devices. You can find models with many additional features. For example, a Bluetooth connection, advanced settings, adaptive system, moisture protection, etc. Therefore, before buying, think carefully about what features you’ll use. After all, the more of them, the higher the price of the hearing aid.

Is it worth contacting a specialist for help?

You can choose and buy a hearing aid yourself. There are hundreds of models on the market today from various manufacturers. They differ in type, functionality, design, and availability of additional features. However, you are unlikely to choose the most suitable option for you on your own. The best solution is to seek the help of an audiologist.

A hearing care professional conducts the necessary research and diagnostics. The doctor can find out the degree of hearing loss and its causes. ( Based on the result of the research, he’ll determine the optimal type and power of the device. Next, you can talk about your wishes, hobbies, hobbies, and lifestyle. The doctor can also take into account your wishes and offer a choice of several models of hearing aids that meet all the necessary requirements. You just have to make the final choice.

Using such device can easily restore your lost hearing and won’t interfere with daily use. In addition, the devices will emphasize your individual style and can be a great addition to your look.


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