How much does it cost to change a lock in 2022?


The sound of your key shattering in your door’s lock is never pleasant, and neither is the cost of your local locksmith coming to your aid in an emergency.

They’re capable of aiding you when you’ve locked yourself out, lost your keys, or damaged them. Since you frequently require a locksmith right away, they are also capable of demanding exorbitant rates for their services.

There are certain important things you need to know when contacting a craftsman in order to prevent inflated rates.

This article will go over how much it costs to change a lock, what factors into that cost, how much a locksmith charges an hourly, how to save money while changing a lock, what’s involved in changing a lock, and how to identify and employ a locksmith.

Continue reading to learn how to get a locksmith for less if you’ve already been burned by emergency rates or are accident-prone and want to protect yourself in case you lock yourself out.

What Is the Price to Change a Lock?

The price of changing or replacing locks is determined by the precise requirements of the service you need done.

The expenses indicated in this section include labour, call-out, materials, and VAT for reasonably straightforward jobs employing budget locks (if your locksmith is VAT registered). Utilize these prices as a starting point, then request estimates from other locksmiths to be sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

In General, Work and Home

Locksmiths spend a large portion of their time helping homeowners, tenants, and business owners whose keys have either been misplaced or have broken within the lock.

You should prepare to pay the following for this kind of work:

Costs on the Average for Locksmith Jobs

  • changing the door lock and replacing misplaced keys €75 to €85
  • For a damaged or snapped key in the door, charge of €65 to €75
  • If your key breaks, keep the same cylinder. €81 to €91
  • If you lose your key, replace your conventional mortice and rim locks. €125 to €141
  • For between €65 and €75, you may get entrance if you’re locked out of your home.

If you’ve locked yourself out, getting back into your house or place of business will run you around €71. If you lock yourself out and need to change your lock entirely or if a locksmith has to extract a snapped key from your existing lock, there will be additional fees.

After that, you’ll probably be required to pay a hefty premium on top of these costs if you need your lock fixed outside of business hours, which we’ll address later in the article.

Fixing locks

Because exterior lock repairs are more sophisticated and time-consuming than interior lock repairs, external lock repair costs are often greater than internal lock repair costs.

Here are a few typical lock repair tasks and their anticipated costs:


  • repair of garage door locks €51 to €61
  • Internal door lock repair (bathroom/bedroom) €41 to €51
  • repair of uPVC window locks €51 to €61
  • 51 to 61 euros for fixing a door handle
  • repair of the back or front door lock €61 to €71
  • repairing uPVC door locks €61 to €71
  • 61 to 71 euro replacement patio door locks

For a locksmith to come out and fix an exterior lock, you should budget at least €51. You should expect to pay at least €75, including supplies, to alter or replace an existing lock.

Nevertheless, the price may differ significantly depending on the type of lock you wish to replace.

Replace locks

Expect to pay somewhat more than you would if you were simply fixing an old lock if you want to replace your locks with more secure models.

Following are some typical lock replacement jobs and their anticipated costs:


  • Replacement garage door locks range in price from €75 to €85.
  • Replacement patio door locks range in price from €85 to €95.
  • For a night latch, pay €85–€95. (wooden door).
  • Rim cylinder replacement costs between €65 and €75.
  • Cost of a mortice lock: €111–€121
  • Changing all the locks on a building costs between €311 and €411.

It’s vital to keep in mind that if you need to make further repairs to the door or frame because of the size of the mortice lock, the cost of replacing the lock might rise significantly.

The price to change every lock on your home will also vary based on how many locks need to be changed, how much each lock costs, how much labour will cost, and whether you need extra keys made for you and other family members.

If your locksmith instals your new door lock, you should expect to pay a retail markup, as with any tradesperson. You may easily buy your own lock from a DIY supplier and have a locksmith install it for you to avoid this.

Lock Prices

Locks made by household name brands cost more, as one might anticipate. Additionally, high-security locks command a higher price (look for Ts 117 3, SS312 Diamond, and BS3261).

Finally, the price increases with the size of the lock.

You should allocate at least the following amounts for standard locks:

General Locks and Estimated Supply Costs

  • $11 to $15 for rim cylinders
  • $15 to €21 for BS Rim Cylinders
  • Costs for patio door locks range from €11 to €15.
  • Garage Door Lock, $15–$21
  • A window lock costs between €21 and €25.

A standard cylinder lock for a UPVC door typically costs between €15 and €25 to provide. Mortice deadlocks cost between €25 and €35, which is a little more expensive.

You should budget at least €45 for each night latch if you want one that is BS3621-approved and more secure.

The following are the minimal costs for Euro Cylinder locks on UPVC doors:


  • Budget anything from €15 to €21.
  • Anti-Snap €45-$55

The cost-effective Euro cylinder often costs less than other anti-snap devices, but as might be expected, it provides less protection than the more expensive variant.

You should prepare to pay at least the following amount for the most typical mortice deadlocks:


  • 3 Lever €15-€21
  • 5 Lever €21-€25
  • 5 Levers to BS3621 for between $25 and $31
  • Three-Lever Sash $15–$21
  • $51-$25 for a 5 Lever Sash
  • 5 Lever Sash to BS3621 for €31–€35

A design and production specification focusing on security is the British Standards certification, BS3261. Locks produced to BS3261 are far more difficult to force open and break than locks not made to this standard.

Mortice deadlocks provide homeowners, landlords, tenants, and business owners with greater security against break-ins the more levers they have.

Finally, the minimum Dublin pricing for night locks are as follows:


  • The typical Yale cost is between €21 and €25.
  • Yale to BS3621 ranges from €45 to €51.

The basic UPVC door is the most popular front and rear door type in Dublin, thus this cost probably applies to you.

The bare least quote you ought to anticipate from a locksmith to replace the lock on a UPVC door is:


  • A basic Euro cylinder lock costs €85 to €95.
  • €115 to €115 Emergency Locksmith Prices

If you want a locksmith’s assistance after hours, on the weekend, or on a national holiday, you should prepare to spend much extra for their labour.

During certain periods, you may anticipate paying somewhere between €11 and €111 more per hour for labour, plus a possible increase in their call-out charge.

If at all possible, try to avoid hiring a locksmith after business hours because even a seemingly easy service might wind up costing you far more than €211.

What Influences the Price to Change a Lock?

Additional than labour and call-out fees, there are a few other elements that go into the price of your locksmith. These may consist of:

The Difficulty of the Work

Try to be as specific as you can when describing your needs to a locksmith when you’re seeking a quote.

If you provide experienced locksmiths with information on the types of locks, their locations, and the state they’re in, they should be able to provide you with a fairly accurate estimate of the estimated cost of the service (such as if a lock has a broken key in it).

The fact that they will be aware of the specifics before their call-out can assist reduce any potential additional costs.

Nonstandard Components

Make careful to inform the locksmith over the phone if the doors and windows you require repair on don’t employ conventional locks (particularly smart locks or digital locks).

Although many locksmiths will have standard sets of locks in their work vans (such BS3621), if they don’t know about a particular lock in advance, they may need to contact their local wholesaler once they arrive to purchase non-standard locks.

Your locksmith will probably charge you for their travel time and expenditures, but if you can let them know in advance, you can completely avoid this.

How soon do you need the work completed?

You’ll most likely pay more for this level of promptness of service if your locksmith is required to leave one work to attend to one that needs to be done right away.

To receive the greatest prices, aim to schedule work as far in advance as you can.

the day and the place

The length of time you need a locksmith will directly affect the cost you spend, much like how quickly the operation is completed. A same task carried out during regular business hours during the middle of the week will take far less time than a similar task carried out in the evening on a weekend.

You should anticipate paying a little bit extra if you reside in downtown Dublin because costs are likely to be higher there.

Uncomplicated Installation?

The cost you pay will depend on whether or not your locksmith needs to perform additional work to make your new lock fit. The majority of locksmiths bill by the hour, so any additional time will be reflected in your cost.

Make sure the lock is on site when the locksmith comes if you’re providing it so they can get to work right away without any delays.

What Is a Locksmith’s Hourly Rate?

As was already noted, locksmiths often bill by the hour, so the longer and more difficult the work, the more you’ll have to spend.

Dublin locksmiths may charge up to €91 per hour, whereas the North of England and more populous Scotland and Wales would likely charge you the least—roughly €61 to €71—per hour.

After the first hour, some locksmiths continue to charge the same rate per hour. Others, however, opt to provide a lower hourly fee after that. For instance, you may pick a locksmith that charges €71 for the first hour and €35 for each additional hour.

Some locksmiths demand call-out fees in addition to their labour rates. Call-out costs are frequently established at between 51% and 111% of the hourly rate, or the rate for the first hour if your locksmith provided discounted rates beginning with the second hour.

Ask the locksmith whether they waive the call-out fee if the service they’re doing for you takes an hour or longer if they do charge one. To avoid paying more than you intended to, be sure to ask this question while conversing with a locksmith prior to their arrival.

In addition to the hourly charges, the call-out fee, and any supplies needed on your job, you could also have to pay VAT depending on the size of the locksmith company you select.

The majority of property owners, landlords, and tenants will not be able to recover the VAT from HMRC. Select a smaller locksmith if you don’t want to pay any VAT at all.

But if you’re a VAT-registered business and you hire a locksmith, you can get your VAT money back.

How Can I Change a Lock Less Expensively?

If routine tasks take considerably longer than expected or if problems occur that weren’t accounted for, costs for locksmiths might escalate significantly.

The following are the greatest techniques to minimise the cost of your locksmith’s bill as much as possible:

  • Utilize them during business hours.
  • Give as much notice as you can (for instance, if new doors are being installed next week and you need them to come by).
  • Inquire about the call-out charging schedule.
  • Give them as much information as you can on the precise type of task you need them to perform for you.
  • If any of the locks on your doors and windows aren’t standard, let them know so they can order extras in advance rather than having to collect them while they’re working.
  • To save paying for their travel costs and waiting time, try to hire a locksmith who is as close to you as feasible.
  • Find out if they are registered for VAT and whether you are permitted to claim a refund for it.

The locksmith is typically expected to carry the locks and other supplies needed to do the work with them. To earn more money from the service they perform for you, most locksmiths mark up the cost of the supplies they purchase.

Tell your locksmith when you speak to them whether you have purchased your own supplies for them to utilise on the task. They won’t wind up purchasing merchandise they don’t really need, for which they would then have to bill you.

To compare prices from three to four locksmiths and discover the best offer for you, use

What Goes Into Replacing a Lock?

It’s quite easy to change a lock, and your locksmith will probably do it in the following sequence:

Remove Old Lock

First, the deadbolts and the old lock will be taken out.

Putting in a New Lock

After completing any necessary work on the door or window to ensure the fixture fits properly, the new lock is installed.

Final Verification and Testing

The locks are then checked, which is a crucial step in the process, to ensure that they fit properly and, more critically, that the given keys function with the new lock.

How Can I Locate and Employ a Locksmith?

It’s advisable to start by asking your family, friends, and neighbours for advice on a reliable locksmith. This will save you from spending hours looking up references and examining their qualifications.

If no one can recommend someone, utilising locksmiths365 can help you compare estimates and save up to 41%.

We’ve conducted the background checks you’d anticipate in order to give us the confidence that we’re only advising that the absolute finest in the field provide you a competitive estimate for the work you need done.

Making sure the professional is a good fit

To ensure that the price quoted won’t be increased without your permission, you must have it in writing and, ideally, have the locksmith sign it.

In the first case, find out whether there is a minimum call-out fee and whether any parts are covered by a guarantee. This makes it simple for you to compare several professional locksmiths and select the one that best suits your demands and your budget.

Ask your locksmith to give you a ballpark estimate of how long it will take to perform your task if they charge by the hour. Ask them to guarantee that the quoted price will not alter if it takes longer than anticipated before opting on a certain locksmith.

Get the same written guarantees from your locksmith for fixed quotations, as well as a receipt for the job after you have paid. It is very difficult to hold a dishonest locksmith accountable or bring them to court if there is no receipt.

Ask to see your locksmith’s public liability insurance and, if relevant, their employers’ liability insurance before confirming any work.

If your locksmith damages your property, public liability insurance will cover you, and if your locksmith employs people, employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement. If they lack it, it is legitimate to wonder if they are a company you can trust.

Complete Checklist

Here are some considerations to make while looking for a locksmith, whether you want to upgrade the locks on your home or are just planning for the eventuality that you lose your keys:

  • Inquire about their minimum call-out price and pricing details (such as if they charge hourly rates or a set fee).
  • Give a thorough explanation of your duties and inform them of any non-standard parts.
  • Before approving any work, make sure to receive any quotations in writing and signed by a licenced locksmith to guarantee the pricing will remain the same.
  • Look for ways to source the locks on your own to cut expenses, but be sure to inform the locksmith in advance to prevent them from purchasing the same item again.
  • Whenever you can, try to avoid calling on weekends, in the nights, or on any federal holidays since your rate will soar.

Questions and Answers

Are Locksmiths Members of a Professional Association?

There is no restriction on who may use the title “locksmith.” Even if they haven’t had any training, someone may decide to call oneself a locksmith by just purchasing a set of equipment.

Does My Locksmith Need to Be a Member of Any Professional Organization?

The Master Locksmith Group (MLA), the largest trade association for locksmiths in Dublin, is committed to establishing the industry’s best practises.
Although membership in this organisation is not necessary of a locksmith, it will demonstrate their commitment to the job and aid in your ability to screen out any possible cowboy traders.

How Can I Prevent Paying Too Much to a Locksmith?

Before giving your locksmith the green light, ask them to provide you a final, comprehensive pricing for everything (including components, call-out fees, and VAT).
Ask your locksmith to detail every aspect of the quotation and sign it, assuring you that the total cost of the service will not be greater than what is noted unless the job’s requirements alter.

Regardless of how kind or accommodating the merchant may be, always be sure to acquire your price on writing. If a locksmith is making every effort not to be constrained by a price, proceed with extreme caution.

What kind of lock is the safest?

Your lock was probably created in accordance with British Standards BS3621 if it carries the kitemark symbol. The majority of home insurance plans will demand that your house has an outside five-lever mortice lock that complies with these requirements.
For various doors and windows, such as UPVC or wooden doors and windows, different types of locks will be more reliable and safe. The finest option for your situation will be suggested by your locksmith.



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