How Long Do Freeze-Dried Pets Last?

Freeze-Dried Pets

A pet isn’t just a pet. They’re a member of the family. And when they pass, it can be devastating to have to say goodbye. There’s no reason why you have to be left with memories alone. You can choose Freeze-Dried Pets as a way to preserve them. It can provide you with your pet so that you can view them in their natural state for many years to come.

The question you have to ask is, how long do freeze-dried pets last?

How Long Do Freeze-Dried Pets Last?

Freeze-dried pets can last a lifetime if they are carefully prepared from start to finish.

There’s a process that must be followed from the moment that your pet passes. This will ensure that your pet is capable of looking the way that they did while they were still living. It can be one of the best possible memorials, especially if you cannot bear the thought of cremation or burial.

It’s critical that you stop the decay process immediately, which means that your pet’s body will need to be frozen. It should be sent to the taxidermist in a frozen state. From there, the full freeze-drying process will take place.

Many believe that freeze-drying a pet is a temporary state. However, that is not accurate. One of the reasons why this has gained popularity is because it is a permanent way for you to enjoy the presence of your pet.

When a pet has been freeze dried properly and professionally, it can last decades if not a lifetime. It all comes down to the way in which you maintain the pet. If you don’t take the utmost care with the pet once it has been freeze-dried and shipped to you, it can become damaged and begin to fall apart over time.

Since you want to do everything you can to keep your pet looking the way they did when they were alive, you have to be sure that you want to freeze dry your pet even before they pass. Every taxidermist has horror stories about pet owners deciding that they want to have their pet preserved after it has been buried for days or even weeks. You won’t get the best results when you don’t freeze the pet’s body immediately after it passes.

Any kind of pet has the capacity to last for a lifetime with the right level of care. There are some ways to ensure you get a great-looking pet – and that it lasts.

First, be sure that you know what you want for your pet. There are both taxidermy services where they’re stuffed as well as freeze-dried options. Various aspects of the pet will be preserved while other aspects will be replaced with faux parts to ensure your pet will look great for decades to come.

Second, decide on the pose you want your pet to have. Once the posing is done and the process is complete, there’s no changing the pose. Any attempt to change the pose could result in irreparable damage to your pet’s body.

Finally, it’s critical that you find a reputable taxidermist who has experience with freeze-drying a pet. Talk to them about the process, ask questions, and be sure that you ask to see samples of their work.

How Long Does the Process Take?

The process can take a significant amount of time when it is done properly. You don’t want to encounter issues with the process as it can damage the pet and lead to problems with the overall preservation. This is why it’s critical that you work with compassionate experts in pet taxidermy.

The process will generally take between four and six months depending on the size of the pet. Cats and small dogs may only take four months while larger dogs and even bigger animals can take six months – and sometimes even longer.

The reason that the process takes as long as it does is because of the freeze-drying technique that is used. Essentially, all moisture is removed from the tissues in the body. This is done by exposing the pet’s body to extremely low pressures as well as a vacuum over several months. By drying the tissue, it ensures that tissue decay is prevented. It is also what allows your pet to retain the most realistic look possible.

Every pet is unique because of its body weight and composition. This means that a taxidermist will only be able to provide you with an estimate for the time that it will take for your pet. Once they have the pet on-site, they can provide a more accurate timeline.

What Do I Need to Do to Care for Them?

When you receive your freeze-dried pet, it’s critical that you care for them so that they are capable of lasting a lifetime. You will want to make sure that they are placed somewhere safe so that they do not come into any kind of danger. (Diazepam) It’s best to keep them out of reach of small children or other pets in the household.

There are a few basic tips:

  • Don’t allow dust to accumulate
  • Avoid getting stains on the pet
  • Brush the hair periodically

Since there is no moisture inside of the pet’s body any longer, they aren’t going to release anything from their sweat glands. They won’t generate any kind of odor, so there is no need for you to wash them. However, you will want to treat them like other pieces of furniture by making sure that they are cleaned and don’t get stained. Additionally, you want to keep your pet out of direct sunlight and away from areas with high levels of humidity.

When you care for them, keep them clean, and away from the various elements, they can last a lifetime. It ensures you never have to say goodbye. Your faithful companion can even outlive you so that your farewell never has to come.


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