How Infrared Light Therapy Is Helping To Reduce Stress & Promote Sleep.

Infrared Light Therapy

The vast majority of us live and work in an environment that is not conducive to stress reduction and better sleep patterns. We are always trying to climb the corporate ladder and so we put in too many hours which means that we don’t get home until very late at night and so it takes us an incredibly long time to get our bodies to calm down so that we can get a good night’s sleep. Your doctor will tell you that deep sleep is incredibly important and we should all be trying to get at least 90 minutes of essential deep sleep every single night. There is no doubt that our stress and anxiety levels are constantly on the increase and because we don’t get home until late at night and we are working most weekends, there isn’t any time to seek out any assistance with regards to the various ailments that we may be experiencing. There is good news on the horizon because now you can receive the care that you need in the comfort of your own home using near-infrared light therapy devices that are designed to relieve your pain and even to take it away. If infrared light therapy is a new concept to you and you are not up-to-date with its benefits then maybe the following can help you to have a better appreciation of how it is good for your health and the various things that it can treat.

* It promotes hair growth – Many men and even women suffer from loss of hair and there are a number of reasons why this might happen. Many doctors prescribe medicines to treat such a thing but many of us do not want to put these things into our bodies and so we would prefer a much more natural and less invasive approach. This is where infrared light therapy comes into its element because it can be used to stimulate the cells which help to promote hair growth in a very natural and concentrated way. The infrared light therapy device delivers safe and concentrated wavelengths of natural light onto your skin and this does something similar to natural sunlight in that it increases the circulation and this allows more follicles to grow more quickly.

* It reduces stress – This is something that we all suffer from and all of us would like to be able to take steps to reduce our stress and anxiety levels. Recent research tells us that infrared light has a beneficial effect on people with type II diabetes because it helps to reduce the cortisol levels and this in turn helps to regulate your nervous system and this helps greatly with fighting stress every day. It is also especially useful for those people who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. Its soothing rays promote relaxation throughout the whole body and this also helps greatly with a better night’s sleep. The wonderful thing about infrared therapy is that it promotes your body to produce more melatonin and this assists greatly with a better night’s sleep.

There is assistance out there for the above two issues and now that you know the solution, it’s time that you start taking advantage of it.


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