How game ready ice machines effectively enhance post-surgery healing

surgery healing

Athletes constantly get hurt and banged up during competitions and matches. Sometimes, athletes get injured doing the sport they love. Some common injuries of athletes include ACL tears, PCL tears, MCL tears, ankle sprains, and ligament tears in the ankle. If you find that you have undergone one of these injuries from a contact or non-contact event in a game, you might have to get surgery to quickly repair the damaged tendon or ligament. Let’s see one way of ready ice machines by which you can quickly recover post-surgery! 

Use a game ready ice machine to help your body recover post-surgery!

The game ready ice machine is an ideal therapy method to help athletes and regular people who have just recovered from invasive surgery. Some of the most common places to get surgery are your knee, shoulder, wrist, and ankle. Many athletes have problems with their knees over time in sports, such as twisting their knee while running or suffering an ACL tear while in contact with someone else.

If this is the case, use the game ready ice machine, which is available at Source Fitness, to help your body recover faster and heal quicker after surgery. The game-ready ice machine integrates a proven cold and compression therapist to provide a dual-action system that helps comprehensively treat the affected area by switching between cold therapy and compression therapy. 

Cold therapy has numerous benefits to help patients in the post-op period after surgery. Cold therapy, such as applying ice packs, ice baths, cryotherapy, and cold gel, are all effective ways to decrease pain, numb nerve endings, relieve aching joints, decrease muscle pain, reduce swelling, and help individuals recover quicker from traumatic injuries.

Chances are if you have ever sprained your ankle in your life, you have used an ice pack immediately afterward. Cold therapy is a time-tested and proven method to help swelling and pain after an intense injury or surgery

In addition, using compression therapy in tandem with cold therapy units helps to relieve pressure, minimize inflammation, prevent excess swelling, and help muscles recover quicker. Since decompression therapy somewhat mimics the muscle movement that you would find in your leg in the muscles around your knee, like the quadriceps, calves, and hamstrings, you can ensure your muscles recover faster by using small movements to keep muscle tone and minimize strength loss. 

Fortunately for athletes who are using therapy methods from the comfort of their own homes, the game ready ice machine is easy to use and simple to figure out! Instead of complicated methods that are hard to do on your own, such as cupping sets for your back or massage therapy that can be hard to do by yourself, you can easily apply the game-ready ice machine anywhere on your body. 

The game ready ice machine just has to be plugged into the wall and it is ready to go! Apply the compression sleeve to the part of your body that is affected by injury. You will typically see athletes using the game ready ice machine as a full-leg sleeve that can be used to help knees and ankles post-surgery.


Using a game-ready ice machine is a proven and tested method that will use cold therapy and compression therapy to help minimize swelling, decrease pain, and lessen inflammation during the post-surgical recovery period. 


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