How Do You Look When You Wear Elevator Shoes for Men?

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How Do You Look When You Wear Elevator Shoes for Men?

Some people are stereotyped with their belief that men should care less about their appearance because it is a “woman thing” for a guy to show much concern about how he looks. Such thoughts are regarded as false because men should look good for their women just the same way a woman should be attractive to her man. One sure way for a guy to look good is by wearing a quality pair of GuidoMaggi elevator shoes.

Elevator shoes have been known to create an aura of confidence in men and attraction in women. But is it just about confidence? We shall give a mirror view of how you look while adorning your feet with a nice pair of elevator shoes.

To do this, we shall use three personalities: John, Fred, and Rob. Jane shall analyze and rate these three individuals based on their footwear and see which of them she will pick for that romantic blind date.

Rob is standing in compartment A, Fred in B, and John in compartment C. all three contestants are of the same height. Let us start with Rob. He is wearing a pair of platform shoes, and he seems a little short. He knows Jane wants a guy that appears tall so that when walking, she would feel more confident around him without worrying about what people would say concerning their height difference. Rob turns around and seems to be slouching his shoulders, which are a big turn off to Jane.

She looks at his pair of shoes and discovers that they do not have the spark and class it should have. By looking at his shoes, Jane could sense that Rob may not be her kind of man; he may lack charisma and the outward charm to sweep her off her feet.

Let us now go to compartment B, where Fred is waiting for Jane to access him. Fred is wearing a pair of elevator shoes, and Jane seems to be impressed by that. She admires Fred and feels that he may have what he wants in a woman. Although she could not tell that he is wearing a pair of elevator shoes, she likes the fact that his height matches hers, and he also seems to be standing straight, unlike Rob, whose shoulder is slouched. But something in Fred’s shoes that doesn’t seem right.

The quality is poor, and the design seems very awkward. Jane is a lover of shoes, and she can tell if a pair of shoes is of high quality or not. To her, Fred may have a poor taste of fashion, which is a turn-off. Jane also believes that Fred’s poor fashion taste may also affect him in other areas, which she prefers to keep.

She then proceeds to Compartment C, where John is standing. As she approaches, she feels that there is something different about John. His posture seems to be perfect. He is standing tall and straight, just like a perfect gentleman. She looks at his shoes, and it seemed to radiate an aura of elegance and class. She expressed a broad smile that shows how impressed she is about his appearance. Jane took a closer look at his shoes. They seem to be perfectly designed, and the quality of his shoes appears to be top-notch. John is wearing a pair of elevator shoes that have been built to provide comfort, style, and a touch of class. Jane could sense the attraction building up in her. She could suddenly feel that butterfly somewhere in her stomach as if to tell her that she may have seen her perfect match.

She understands that the beauty of John’s shoes alone may not be enough to tell his personality in general, but it has sure attracted her towards finding more about him. She looks to the crowd and echoes the words in her heart. “I pick John,” she shouted excitedly. John was unveiled as the winner of the blind date contest, and one thing that had given him an edge over other contestants was his pair of GuidoMaggi elevator shoes.


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