The Elegance of Shabby Chic Arts


Shabby Chic decoration is  an increasing trend in home decor. The design style is an interesting mixture of old-fashioned and contemporary design. It is a combination of vintage and the modern design brings together antique charm and modern elegance. Shabby chic paintings are unique and create a feeling that can be described as nostalgic charm.

The adoption of shabby chic decoration offers you a way to infuse a new lease of life into items that are ageing, becoming obsolete or showing signs of wear and tear. It should, however, be noted that he ‘shabby’ in shabby chic painting does not denote worn out, smelly or spoilt.

There are many ways to incorporate shabby chic designs from antique wall clocks to old oak tables. The pieces may no longer be in their prime and have the appearance of wear tear, but they should still be functional.

That said, one of the best mediums to create the ambiance of shabby decoration is wall arts. The arts could be creative use of watercolors, abstract paintings, but the clear intention to invoke the feeling of some vintage past. Shabby chic wall arts are definitely a great way to create the unique vintage signature.  Wall art combined with intelligent color matching and placement can help create that antique look that makes shabby decoration so admirable.

In fact, the best way to achieve the eclectic look of shabby chic decoration is a mixture of subtle, pale palette with antique furniture. Sometimes you can reach for an interesting monochrome hue for an old-fashioned cinematic effect.

As stated, there are a lot of unique and interesting ways to foment shabby chic decoration, but paintings are one of the best mediums to achieve this goal since antique items are more limited in range. Check these shabby chic paintings for some interesting possibility of  shabby chic decor.

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Shabby chic painting blends in the color scheme of the room. The above shabby chic helps harmonize the hue of prominent colors in the rooms. It makes the colors standout against the backdrop.

home decor

Shabby chic paints create a focal point and spread across the color theme. It fills the background and attracts attention, while setting a calm demeanor around the home. The prominent paint color is patterned on the shabby chic paint setting the pink color theme.

Shabby chic paint evokes calmness and peace. It extends the palette with a more different hue for a more extensive color range for a vintage ambiance.

Shabby Chic design creates a balance between old and  new. When done the right way, it brings in relaxed and coordinated style. It is both elegant and eclectic and artistic.

Shabby chic design creates an intriguing quality and cozy atmosphere. They bring a refreshing way to design the home decor by bringing elements of the old and new. Although it is hard to pull off, it can, like everything in decoration and designing, be pulled off by the right approach for an elegant and vintage experience.


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