Here’s What the Process of Getting Braces Looks Like

Process of Getting Braces

There’s a lot that’s said about braces — from how they can be uncomfortable to how they take a lot of time but are extremely effective at treating overbite and giving you a picture-perfect smile. However, if you’re thinking about getting braces, wouldn’t you want to know what the process exactly looks like? (provigil) Though simple, knowing what exactly to expect right from the moment you make your first visit to an orthodontist Winnipeg to the last moment when your braces are taken off helps. Without any further ado, here’s the whole process in brief.

  1. Consultation

For you first appointment, you’ll learn about different types of braces and the orthodontist will scan your mouth, take pictures of your teeth, and take x-rays along with impressions. With this, the orthodontist will be able to gauge the amount of time it may take, the placement of brackets, and whether there’s a need for extraction, among other things.

  1. Cleaning and Placement

Your next appointment will be for getting your teeth cleaned properly so that there is no build-up or germs when the brackets are stuck to your teeth. The orthodontist will use dental-grade adhesive to attach the brackets to your teeth. Once that is done, the wires are also attached to both upper and lower braces. Some orthodontists may do the upper and lower jaw braces placement in 2 sittings just so that you first get comfortable with one jaw.

  1. Frequent Adjustments

You’ll have appointments once in every month, and when you visit your orthodontist, they will tighten the wires. However, you’re free to visit your orthodontist at any point in time when you face any issues related to your braces.  

  1. Removal

It may take anywhere between 1 to 3 years for the braces to be removed, depending on the complexity of your case. When you go to your orthodontist to get the braces removed, they break the bond between the bracket and the adhesive, and this is not a painful procedure at all. You then get to look at your older pictures and actually witness the change in your smile profile, teeth position, and such.

  1. Retention

While braces are the first part of the treatment for malocclusion, the outcome greatly depends on wearing retainers as well. However, the good news is that retainers are removable. And while you will have to wear them for 22 hours a day for about 1 to 2 months, you will then be only required to wear them at nights for several months.

While retainers are worn for around 6 to 8 months, some people choose to wear them at night for several years just to make sure their teeth stay in place and don’t move back to where they used to be. Process of Getting braces may sound like having to wait several years to witness the results. However, all your visits to the clinic, the discomfort from the tightening of the wires, and having to say no to certain types of foods for a couple of years will definitely pay off to give you a confident smile. 



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