Here are a few common conditions that can be avoided by using a dental guard!

using a dental guard

If you are the victim of teeth grinding at night, the symptoms brought on by this unfortunate condition can drastically affect you during the day! Teeth grinding can lead to a lack of sleep, a cracked and unhealthy smile, poor oral hygiene, constant headaches, and migraines, and cost you thousands of dollars on unneeded dental cosmetic procedures to fix your cracked teeth! Avoid these conditions by using a dental guard a protective method for your teeth. 

Avoid these conditions by using a dental guard

Headaches and migraines

One of the main conditions that can be brought on by teeth grinding that can be prevented by wearing a guard is constant migraines and headaches. Although you’re grinding your teeth at night, these consistent headaches will plague your day, causing an inability to concentrate, irritability, anxiousness, and stress that can all interfere with the productivity of your day. Avoid teeth grinding taking over your waking hours by using a dental guard to avoid headaches, toothaches, muscle fatigue, earaches, migraines, and neck tension. 

Healthy sleep 

The next condition that can be caused by grinding is insomnia or unhealthy sleep patterns. Instead, use a dental guard to promote healthy sleep habits and patterns that provide you with a full night sleep of 8 hours or more. By getting a good night of sleep, you can prevent unwanted conditions the next day that can occur from lack of rest, such as stress, depression, anxiety, irritability, and fatigue. Learn more here to find a solution for your teeth to make sure you have restful sleep at night.

Since wearing a dental guard reduces the clenching and grinding noises that you will hear in your sleep, you can easily relax and live in a stress-free headspace without worrying about damage you are doing to your smile while you are sleeping. 

Prevent snoring

The next condition that you can avoid by using a dental guard is snoring. Although it might not be the most annoying to you, it can be annoying and loud to your partner – and disrupt them from getting a full night of sleep! Furthermore, sleeping can cause obstructive breathing issues that can lead to a lack of oxygen while sleeping – therefore, using a dental guard to promote a healthy air passageway is key to optimal health. 

Save your money!

The last “condition” that can be saved by using a dental guard is to protect your money! Avoid spending excess money on costly dental procedures to fix damaged teeth, such as cracked enamel, broken fillings, and much more that can be caused by excess grinding at night. Instead of spending money – like thousands of dollars – on costly dental procedures, spend a little bit of money upfront on a dental guard. This small purchase can save you a lot of heartaches and a hole in your wallet!


If you are debating whether or not it is worth it to purchase a dental guard, you will highly benefit from this small purchase! Buy a dental guard to avoid spending an excess of money on costly dental procedures, snoring that can keep you awake at night, unhealthy sleep patterns, and headaches! 


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