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As a student, you have several everyday struggles. From managing your homework to keeping up with your finances to ensuring that you fit everything from your personal goals to career goals in the tight schedule, a student’s life is never easy, and it will never be. Of course, we cannot help you overcome things, but we can surely help you ease down things a little. How? In this digital age, having some tools and software in your phone or referring to some online platforms can simplify things massively for you. What are these tools? This guide will discuss a few such tools. Let us get started and address them one by one. 

Homework help platforms


TopAssignmentExperts is an online platform, which has been around for over a decade. They have a myriad of professionals associated with them who have been servicing students for many years. Many of their experts are associated with reputed colleges and universities. Hence, they know precisely the kind of solutions your professors expect from you. If you need Java homework help, this can be your go-to platform as they have some world-recognized Java instructors associated with them. A great thing that really pulled us towards this platform is they place the customer’s satisfaction over everything. This is proven from two of their exquisite policies. Firstly, they have an unlimited revision policy. So, if you feel that the content is not as good or as well put as you would have wanted it to be, you can reach out to them, and they will revise it to suit your needs. Secondly, if they fail to please you despite the revisions, they have a 100% moneyback guarantee. This is a clear indication that they trust their experts thoroughly, and they do their best to cater to your happiness and satisfaction level.  


When we were scouring through the internet looking for the best student help platforms, one name we came across repeatedly was EduWorldUSA. Upon carefully reviewing the platform, we for sure know why. EduWorldUSA is one of the internet’s rarest finds. They are available and accessible 24/7. So, these guys will not disappoint you whether you need a service at 2 in the night or 2 in the afternoon. They make this possible because they have a team of global experts associated with them. So, they have hired some known and recognized professionals that help you with your homework. Since the experts associated with them are thorough professionals, they give absolute importance to deadlines. If they have promised you submission in 4 hours or 4 days, you will get it in due time.


ThanksForTheHelp is another one of the best homework help platforms on the internet. They may not have the most pocket-friendly rates, but they are surely the most competitive ones in the market. Upon reading the many reviews on their website and in the community forums, we concluded that they have the most knowledgeable and well-informed Python instructors that you can find on the internet. Another great thing about this platform is that along with every solved copy of answers; they will give you an authentication certificate. This is a guarantee that the homework received by you is 100% unique and original. There can surely never be a more significant guarantee for a student than this one, as professors in every corner of the world regard plagiarism as unethical. Many countries even consider it a punishable offense. So, TFTH will never put you in this situation. Their team of experts will ensure that every homework copy is created from scratch. When you are paying for a service, you surely do not want to submit content, which does not fetch you good marks. Thus, if ever you seek a guarantee with your homework, this can be your go-to platform.

Unifolks is also a great platform, which can help students get ample practice before appearing for the exams. You can find previous year’s solved papers, sample question papers with solutions, and some practice exercises and quizzes on the website. These have been solved by experts and will explain how you must approach a question in the examination to score a top grade. Also, many a time, these questions from previous years are repeated. So, if you have solved them in advance, the overall solving time is reduced. Before your examination, you must solve these questions in an exam-like environment for the best results. 

Budgeting software


PocketGuard is one of the best budgeting tools for college students. It is an ideal pick for students who need an easy solution to know how much money they have spent and how much is available for them to spend. One of the best things about this tool is its goal tracking feature, which is quite intuitive. Further, the pie chart structure of the tool makes it very easily comprehensible and lets you stay on top of your finances. Another great aspect of this tool is that it is free to use. Of course, there are some paid premium features, but even the free version will suffice for a student. Also, if you opt for the free version of the app, you will have to bear the advertisements, which is okay, given the vast number of benefits you get with the tool.  


Mint is another excellent financing tool, which is ideal for beginner students. It helps you assemble and keep all your accounts under one head. Hence, with Mint keeping a tab on your net worth is quite easy. In addition, Mint will also provide you easy access to add-on features, such as checking your credit score. Using this software, budgeting becomes so easy as you can link all your accounts and see how your spending is compared to the national average. Using Mint, you can check if you are on track and doing well for your financial goals. An excellent thing about Mint is that it is free to use. However, there are several advertisements in the free version, which can feel irritating for the users. Also, some users have complained of slow account syncing. 

 Collaboration Tools


For a student, collaboration is often a vital aspect. For example, you may want to share files and documents while working on group projects, or you may wish to share some notes when you are preparing for an exam. One of the most interesting features of Flowdock is its team inbox, wherein the notifications from different channels are clubbed for easy viewing. Some platforms from wherein you can get notifications are Asana, Twitter, and a few other customer support tools. 


It is an incredible tool for work management, which provides an array of project management and collaboration features. For example, on ProofHub, you can monitor, plan, organize files, and discuss with your stakeholders and colleagues. Further, ProofHub also lets you approve and review the files via an online proofing tool. 

So, these are some of the best online tools, platforms, and collaboration software that can help simplify a student’s life to a great extent. Know of more such tools? Please share with us in the comment section below. 



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