Football as we know is the most popular sport in the world, bar none. It might be one of the most strenuous sports in the world, but at the same time it is rewarding in terms of physical and mental benefits. Often referred to as ‘the beautiful game’, football takes physical activity to the next level, whether you’re playing street football, walking football, beach football or on a normal sized field.

It doesn’t matter whether one’s just starting out or a seasoned player, here are some key points to take into consideration to better your well-being by making football an integral part of your life.

  1. Improves coordination and motor control

Without coordination, football wouldn’t exist in the first place. Maneuvering through opponents with dribbles, twisting and turning away, sprinting forward, and passing – all essential elements in terms of playing the game to the best of one’s abilities. The more one plays the more coordinated one becomes. It also improves agility, decision making and brings together hand-eye movement, which in turn improves coordination. By improving coordination and motor control, a team can have better advantage in a match, thus bettering their chances of winning.

2. Lowers body fat and tones muscles

One of the most taxing sports in the world, football is bound to help you lower your body fat if you practice the sport regularly. It burns body fat at an accelerating rate thanks to the amount of stamina and energy one exerts during a full match, which may vary accordingly. That being the case, a football player is usually toned with his or her muscles as a consequence of regular playing. It is a known fact that playing football burns more calories than regular work out, such as going to the gym or practicing athletics.

3. Improves cardiovascular health

One of the greatest rewards that arises out of playing football is the boost it provides to cardiovascular health. Regularly playing football i.e. a great deal of athleticism, quick reflexes, changes of direction and jumping can do wonders for your health, keeping your heart active and blood pumping. An average footballer (except a goalkeeper) covers about 10 kilometers on average in a normal match. With regular cardiovascular exercise, one can always hope to have a healthy heart, as it helps avoid clogging of the coronary arteries and burns excess calories. 

4. Increases bone density and mass

A high protein and carbohydrate diet helps football players maintain an athletic physique. Such kind of diet of is necessary to maintain a vigorous lifestyle, bolstering their bone density and mass very quickly. The bone density of a human being decreases one gets older but the skeletal frame of a football player improves over time despite age catching up. Playing football on a regular basis helps reduce the risk of bone and joint-related diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis. (  

5. Boosts confidence and mental toughness

In addition to physical benefits, football, just as any other sport, has a lot of impact in bettering psychological health. It doesn’t matter when and where you play, but once you do, it goes without saying that it is a refreshing act in terms of building self-esteem and confidence. It teaches one how to overcome adversity and at the same time learn from mistakes. Fighting for each ball improves confidence and mental commitment. Football is one of the few sports in the world that teaches you both mental and physical toughness at the same time.

6. Increases cognitive brain function

Cognitive brain functioning is key to determining a football player’s abilities at the highest level. It is related to coordination in one way, but relies more on resilience, the ability to concentrate and self-discipline. Since football is a fast-paced activity with much happening around, it is simply essential to keep one’s guard up, which more or less involves cognitive brain functions. The brain activity is maximized when in action on a football pitch, always looking out for a pass, evade danger or make a move that will affect the opponent.

Football is a fantastic sport to practice and keep oneself healthy. It goes without saying that it is also probably one of the most exciting sports to watch, given the element of adrenaline rush in it. With the biggest football event in the world not far away, the best betting sites for World Cup 2022 deem this year’s quadrennial winter tournament to be as exciting as ever. 

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