Have you been injured in an accident? Here are three scenarios in which you should visit orange county wound care

orange county wound care

If you have been injured in an accident and you need to receive medical care, then you need to find an emergency walk-in center that can help you immediately treat any cut, burn, abrasion, or infection that is causing you pain and potential future health complications. Whether you have cut yourself by accident while slicing onions or you have burned yourself while using the oven, you need to find a reputable and local emergency center that can help get you the treatment you need – as soon as possible! orange county wound care

When to visit orange county wound care

If you have been injured or in an accident, it happens – the most important thing is how you react to this situation. Although you may be in pain and not thinking clearly, you need to immediately address the situation and go visit a professional medical center that can treat you by providing stitches, burn care, and much more.

Cut your finger while chopping vegetables

Although you may think a little slice on your finger shouldn’t bring you to an emergency care center, sometimes the cut can be much deeper than you initially think. Oftentimes, if you are using a sharp cutting knife to slice vegetables, meat, or fruit for a dinner or a meal, then you are using a sharp knife that can easily cut through food – and your finger.

Even though it might not be bleeding that much at first, the bleeding can be continuous and long-lasting – meaning that you need to immediately go to the Orange County wound care to get the cut disinfected, treated, and potentially get stitches. If you do not go and get stitches, the wound will have a hard time healing properly and you might put yourself at risk for infection due to the open wound.

Suffer a burn in the kitchen

If you are cooking something in the oven or on the stove and you accidentally touch a hot pan while you are taking something out of the oven, this can cause serious burns. If you accidentally hold onto the pan for too long, or you brush your arm up against the inside of the oven while you are preparing the food, this can lead to a first or second-degree burn that may need treatment.

If you find the burn is not getting better after you do some home care, such as running it under cold water or waiting for the redness to die down, then you should visit orange county wound care so you can take care of your skin and prevent any permanent skin damage.

Post-surgical wound

The last scenario in which you should visit orange county wound care is if you find that you have a post-surgical wound that is not closing properly. No matter what kind of surgery you have, whether it be an ACL reconstruction, shoulder surgery, or breast reduction, there can be stitches that are in places that can succumb to movement and stretching. If you find the stitches are opening or the wound is not closing properly, you need to visit orange county wound care so they can make sure they close the wound and avoid infection.


If you have suffered a burn, cut, diabetic ulcers, or post-surgical wounds, then you need to visit orange county wound care so you can avoid the risk of infection, long-lasting discomfort, or permanent skin damage. 


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