Hand Gestures Emoji In Our Daily Life

Hand Gestures Emoji

We live in a world where hand gestures play a vital role. We use gestures to deal with business, express our gratitude, greetings, celebrations, and show respect. Hand gestures are a form of non-verbal communication that uses the hand in relaying or communicating a message. We all know that body language, including hand gestures, is as important as verbal communication because it adds something to your message.

Want to know the importance of hand gestures? For deaf people, they use this as their way of communicating, and without it, it is hard for them to express their thoughts, relaying, and ideas. Good thing that it has also added on emojis. It could be a lot easier to communicate with them or even in long-distance communication.

Folded Hands Emoji

Before the pandemic, we use a handshake as a way of saying hello, in agreeing, saying thank you. But, as the COVID progresses, we implement a no-touch policy that has significantly impacted hand gestures. The technology provides us different hand gestures through emojis that are available anytime, anywhere.

In businesses, work, friendships, or mutual relationships, you have just plenty of time to express gratitude; using handshake emoji together with thank you emoji and other related emojis makes your work a lot faster and easy to understand. Rather than typing it in a lot of words, this is just a tap of your finger.

Thank You Emoji

Also called folded hand emoji. It has plenty of meanings, depending on the usage. Obviously, on the religious side, the gesture of thankful emoji is as exact as a gesture of praying. It is a gesture of expressing your faith to the creator. You are making this a beneficial and famous sign often used by religious people. Giving or sending prayers to someone, praying for oneself, and these pandemic days, watching online mass would make this emoji so useful.

In terms of culture, particularly in Japan. This gesture has so many uses, like giving thanks for the previous year and welcoming the new year, making this emoji a concise way of greeting them. You may be familiar also with arcade games where two fighters make this sign before a fight showing a sign of respect to each other. So it’s essential to know other cultures to be aware of when to send this emoji to a person with a different culture.

We use this emoji about expressing gratitude and expressing our emotions or thoughts about a particular topic. For example, “care.” You use this while saying as a sign of receiving something or favor from another person. Showing or sending this emoji/gesture might make them feel the warmth or take care. It may also be a sign of support, love, or more.

OK Hand Emoji

This gesture has a lot of usages. Others might not relate to the word “OK” itself. They were using it to confirm, agree with something, and make it easy to respond to these situations. It makes your wok a lot faster using this emoji. It may also be a number 3 symbol since three fingers are upright. And even a sign of smoking pot to the countries where cannabis is legal.

Takeaway Hand Gestures Emoji

Different cultures, different people, ways of communicating, religion, with almost similar meaning, make the saying “we are all connected” so true. That even in other beliefs and nationalities, using this gesture has always had the word “thanks.” No wonder these even in chats, emails, and more, we can use this gesture as emoji used in different internet platforms.


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