Guide to Buying Mediclaim for Parents

Buying Mediclaim for Parents

Assessing different health insurance can be a complex task, especially when looking for mediclaim for parents options. The risk of medical emergencies increases as an individual grows older, which is why a financial safety net is required. Old age can be stressful; reliable health insurance options designed for senior citizens offer some financial and mental relief in worrying times. With the Covid-19 pandemic wreaking havoc in the lives of individuals, the need and accessibility of sound medical support have elevated considerably. In addition, medical inflation is consistently on the rise, along with the prominence of common illnesses for both adults and youngsters. These concerning times have shown that if you have not explored mediclaim for parents, now is the time for buying mediclaim for parents.

Mediclaim for Parents – Eligibility Requirements

There are some key requirements to look out for before choosing a mediclaim for parents-

  • Adults between the ages 60 and 80 are eligible for Senior Citizen Health Insurance policies.
  • Senior citizen parents up to a maximum age of 65 years are eligible for the life-long renewability of their health insurance policy.

Below listed are necessary documents to keep handy for availing mediclaim for parents.

  • Proposal form
  • Medical checkup reports (if required)
  • Pre-existing medical condition reports (if required)

What is covered under Mediclaim for Parents?

  • Hospitalisation Cover – Mediclaim for parents plans covers in-patient care and medical treatment expenses (for example – ICU charges) you incur while your parents are undergoing treatment.
  •  Day-Care Treatment – ‘Day-care’ is the term used to define treatment procedures that require medical care for less than 24-hours. These include chemotherapy, dialysis, cataract, etc., among others. Do check whether this is included in the plans you’re exploring. (adderall)
  • Pre & Post-Hospitalisation Coverage – Medical requirements, such as diagnostic tests and medication, up to 30 days prior to hospitalisation and up to 60 days post-discharge from the hospital, are covered. These terms may vary from plan to plan, so keep an eye out for that.
  • Pre-Existing Illnesses Requirement – Mediclaim for parents generally cover treatment expenses for pre-existing diseases, subject to a pre-defined waiting period, guaranteeing top-quality medical care without any delay.
  • Second Opinion Option – In the case of mediclaim for parents, the holder is entitled to a second opinion for major illnesses in a policy year.
  • Organ Donor Cover – When treating a critical condition, one may incur organ donor expenses that can be quite hefty. Mediclaim for parents covers the medical expenses up to the specified amount, subject to policy terms and conditions.
  • Automatic Recharge – If the sum insured is exhausted, it will be reimbursed up to the sum insured per policy year, under the privilege of automatic recharge
  • No-Claim Bonus – Policyholders are rewarded each year for not filing a claim. The individual receives a certain % as a bonus on the total coverage amount for every claim-free year.
  • Annual Health Checkup – An annual health checkup is an effective tool to keep constant track of one’s health, particularly in senior citizens. 

When reviewing final options, remember to check the various exclusions, some of which are mentioned below – 

  • Diagnosis of disease, undergoing surgery, or any other medical procedure, whose signs first arise within a predefined period of policy start date.
  • Complications arising as a result of self-inflicting injury (suicide or attempted suicide).
  • Complications arising as a result of drug alcohol misuse/abuse.
  • Treatment and tests for relating to infertility and in vitro fertilisation.
  • Medical expenses arising from war, riot, or nuclear attack.

Care Health Insurance is one of the leading health insurance companies providing mediclaim for parents. Evaluate its Senior Citizen Health Insurance plans and find the best options to safeguard your parents.


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