Golf Cart Rental in Thailand – Much More Than Just a Ride to The Next Hole

Golf Cart Rental in Thailand

Sure, you’ll likely already know that you can rent a golf cart, even if you don’t play golf there is no escaping what you will have seen on TV or on the Internet. Golf carts and golf ‘seem’ to go hand in hand just as much as a ball, some clubs, a flat cap, a polo shirt and some checked trousers. However, if you have been to play golf, you’ll know that the ‘seem’ notion is purely a stereotypical image that has been placed in your mind over the years. For some, perhaps it is reality, but not for most. Anyhow, what’s even more interesting is that, there are dedicated golf cart rental in Thailand, completely independent and, not a golf club insight;

Why would you want a ‘golf’ cart if you’re not playing golf?

A good question to be asking, but, when you come to think of it, you may have already seen golf carts being used for other purposes, after all they are, essentially a type of electric car and they’ve have been in use for much longer than your average ‘mainstream’ electric car that we see today. But, why would you want to rent one yourself? Well, there are actually numerous reasons and purposes that one might wish to make use of an electric golf cart, that all depends upon whether you run a business or intend to use it for personal reasons. Either way, when you rent a golf cart with UGO you get great value for money and, they’re electric so, they are also good for the environment when compared to anything that uses a combustion engine!

Some inspiration 

Apart from them being ‘great value for money’ and, better for the environment, most people will need a bit more inspiration to get them to actually rent one so, to add a bit more ‘meat to the bone’ here are some of the top benefits of using a golf cart; 

  • You could use it as a ‘shuttle’ bus
  • Improved customer service
  • Save money when compared with buying a cart 
  • The most successful provides offer golf cart rentals nationwide
  • There is a wide range of golf carts available for rent with the option of delivery.
  • Believe it or not, they also offer a customized design service and cart accessories
  • If you have any trouble some companies offer a 48-hour resolution service
  • Everything you need to run the cart is provided.

But where would I use it?

The most successful golf cart rental services say that a growing number of people, and businesses are renting golf carts because it makes their life easier as well as saving a few baht along the way. Let’s imagine that you are a business that operates on a large campus or, perhaps you run a hotel, how do people get from point A to point B? 

Could you improve your customer service image by offering a ‘shuttle service’ to transport customers or visitors from the entrance of your establishment all the way to their final destination? It doesn’t get much better than door to door service whilst being chauffeured around, does it?


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