5 Things You Can’t Forget When Going to the Beach

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As we head into warmer months, it’s time to start planning on heading to the beach to soak up some sun?

There’s nothing worse than getting set up at the beach, just to realize you left something important at home. A beach day is for fun and relaxation after all!

Make sure you’re fully prepared before you hit the waves! Keep reading for a list of the 5 most important things you need before going to the beach.

1. A Beach Bag

Prevent your belongings from getting lost, sandy, or stolen by keeping them stored away in a beach bag.

Packing a bag is a good way to keep all of your small items, like your keys, wallet, and phone together and safe from damage.

A bag also makes walking to and from the beach a breeze. You won’t have to fumble armfuls of towels and keys! With everything stored securely, you can stay hands-free.

It’s a great way to store your sandy beach towel and keep the sand contained. A big beach bag is also handy if you plan on bringing a change of clothes or a book to read while relaxing.

2. Sandals

Looking for great beach shoes? Sandals are the way to go.

There are a ton of reasons to wear sandals, but one plus when going to the beach is that they stay secure to your feet. This makes them great to walk in on the sand.

They’re also easy to slip on and off, making trips to and from the car quick. Plus, sandals don’t collect sand like regular shoes, keeping your car and home sand-free.

3. Protective Sun Gear

Don’t ruin your perfect day of fun in the sun with a nasty sunburn.

Make sure to pack sunscreen, a hat, and an umbrella to keep you covered and protected.

These items can help provide relief and protection from the harsh sun, decreasing your likelihood of intense sunburn, sun poisoning, and even cancer.

4. A Cooler

Have you ever gone to take a drink at the beach, just for your water to be warm from sitting in the hot sun?

Prevent dehydration by bringing a cooler to keep drinks cold and refreshing for those hot summer days.

A cooler is also a great way to keep food from spoiling. Plus, it’s great to store sunscreen and lip balm. Keeping them in your cooler can refresh and soothe hot skin.

5. A Beach Blanket

Who doesn’t like relaxing to the sounds of the waves?

Bringing a nice beach blanket to lounge on will keep you from getting covered in sand. Laying out a blanket as opposed to a traditional beach towel lets you spread out comfortably.

Protect yourself from the hot sand by packing a blanket to relax on – whether you want to get a tan, or snooze under an umbrella, you’ll need somewhere to laze.

Ready to Enjoy Your Beach Day?

Whether you plan on staying at the beach for a week-long vacation, or it’s just a day trip, make sure you’re fully prepared. Planning ahead will let you focus on relaxation during your beach trip.

Bringing the essentials to your beach day will help you make the most of your time at the shore.

If you found this guide helpful, be sure to check out the rest of our site for more tips and tricks.


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