Going Mobile: How Apps Are Playing A Major Role In Our Lives


Do you ever stop to think about how reliant you are on technology? A range of systems and devices have become crucial to how we do so many things, from cooking in the kitchen to completing tasks for work.

However, one trend that has had a particularly huge impact on our lives in the past few decades is the rise of mobile technology. Smartphones and tablets are now an essential tool for many and their importance is highlighted by how it’s become commonplace to combine them with fitness trackers to monitor and manage personal health.

Of course, one of the key reasons why mobile phones are so useful is due to the range of capabilities they offer – and apps are a vital part of this.

Capable of so much

Thanks to mobile apps, we can do a huge amount at the simple touch of a button. In fact, if you look at your smartphone’s menu, you will see how many different sectors and industries have embraced the concept.

For example, you can read the latest news headlines on the devices, while there is also the option to shop with a range of brands. Apps have had a big impact on gaming too and that has been highlighted by recent figures from Sensor Tower. The organisation recently revealed that the global mobile games market managed to generate 4.5 billion downloads across both the App Store and Google Play last month, with the top market for downloads being India.

We can also watch TV and films on a range of apps, while they have become a big part of the betting scene as well. SBO’s guide to the best betting sites for 2021 explains how mobile betting has grown significantly in the past few years. It adds that apps and mobile sites allow sports fans to follow the action, while they can also use them to make decisions on issues like in-play bets. In addition, the website lists several brands that offer services via a mobile app. That adoption seems to be universal, across so many industries, is further evidence of the ubiquity of mobile technology in everyday life.

Plenty of time

With all of this in mind, it is perhaps not a huge surprise that we apparently spend a lot of time on these apps. But, just how much? Well, a recent study has put a spotlight on that fact.

In October, a blog post by App Annie revealed that people in 12 major markets spend more than 4 hours a day using mobile apps. The research looked specifically at the third quarter of 2021 and found that Indonesia came out on top in terms of average daily hours spent in apps. People in the country spend 5.5 hours a day using them, with Brazil following close behind on 5.4 hours. South Korea came in third with 5.0 hours, while India, Mexico and Japan all followed with 4.8 hours.

The blog post also examined the most popular apps and found that TikTok was enjoying particular success. The app topped the list for worldwide downloads, ahead of the likes of Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Growing interest

But, while those apps are doing well, are there others that could become crucial going forward? It is always hard to predict the future, but one specific app type seems to be on the rise in the US at present.

Recent research by Morning Consult for the American Bankers Association has revealed that many people in the country are turning to mobile apps and online services for banking. More specifically, 44 percent now use mobile apps, while 26 percent are using online services. In contrast, the number of people visiting branches has fallen.

The study also revealed that more than 50 percent of people in the Generation Z, Millennial and Generation X brackets use banking apps most often.

Changing our lives

Mobile technology has changed our lives in so many ways and apps have undeniably played a crucial role in that. These little pieces of software are capable of so much and their usefulness is perhaps reflected in the amount of time we spend on them.

It will be fascinating to see how app usage continues to develop and whether any new apps have what it takes to achieve global success.


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