Going Camping: Essential Features To Look For In a Portable Grill

a Portable Grill

Camping is a great way to forget your troubles and relax with your family.  A big part of camping is planning on what food you will eat and how you will prepare it.  Grilling, or even smoking, are great ways to cook out on the road.  When going camping there are some specific things you’ll want to consider when searching for a portable grill.

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Consider Your Fuel Source

One of the first things I would think about when purchasing a portable grill would be deciding on what fuel source I want to cook with.  Cooking on gas is convenient.  Gas can be easily controlled and put out.  Also, there are propane tanks as small as one pound. That makes it easy to carry in a backpack. 

There’s also charcoal and electric options. Charcoal can add flavor, but can take a while to get hot.  To cook on electric, you will need some sort of electrical source.  Pellet camping grills have become super popular, like the Green Mountain Davy Crockett grill and smoker.

The More Portable the Better

One thing you will want is portability.  There are many ways that you might transport your grill to the campsite, and all of them will likely require as little space as possible.  You might need to put it in the trunk of the car, or maybe even stowed away in your RV. No matter which, you will want your grill to be easy to pack away and carry it with you.  

Something compact and that can be easily transported is what will be the most convenient and cause the least aggravation.  The Green Mountain Davy Crocket grill and smoker has 219 square inch of cooking space, and is small enough to tailgate with.  It has low weight aluminum legs, which makes it easier to pick up and load.

Portable Grill Specifications

Pellet grills are a great option because they smoke the meat which adds flavor.  There are a few specs on a pellet smoker that make them more convenient.  Having some sort of power option can allow for a faster start up and better pellet fuel usage.  The Green Mountain Davy Crocket device has a 12V Direct Power option, so you can use your car battery if needed.  

Another desirable feature is to be able to control your smoke temperature with Wi-Fi.  This allows you to spend time with the people you are spending time with.  Other things you will want to think about are having a good pellet hopper capacity and a digital controller to be able to see your temperature. 

Fun and Flexibility with Green Mountain Davy Crocket

It’s always fun to get away, but also have the flexibility to use your grill or smoker from home, or put it in the trunk and head to the ballgame for a tailgate party.  A pellet grill will allow for smoking, roasting, or baking from your home, or allow you to monitor while you monitor from your fishing rod while trying to catch more dinner.


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