Germany Lockdown During Holiday Season Due to Rise in Cases

Germany lockdown
Image Credit: The Bangkok Post

Germany lockdown starts once again due to a sharp increase in the daily number of cases. From schools to non-essential services, the entire is going through strict restrictions to contain the virus.

The lockdown measures will remain until January 10, as of now. During Christmas, there will be a little ease. One family is allowed to host a gathering of four close relatives.

Germany lockdown rules

On Wednesday, Germany reported 952 deaths, and the cases rose by 27,728.

Ursula von der Leyen, the EU chief, said that the first coronavirus vaccine would be authorized within one week. She informed the European Parliament about the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine developed in Germany; it would be rolled out for bloc on that day. This comes at least one week before what they had earlier suggested.

The news was quickly released after the German government informed that they were creating pressure on European Medicines Agency to speed up the vaccine’s approval process. Moreover, the regulators of the same vaccine have approved it in the US and the UK.

More countries in lockdown following Germany

Other European nations are now joining Germany to tighten restrictions before Christmas. France has introduced a night-time curfew to keep people indoors.

The measures in Germany right now limits to essential services only. Banks and supermarkets will remain open. Bars, restaurants, and other leisure centers are closed since November, and some places have chosen stricter measures for lockdown.

Salons are one of the business types that must be close as it needs people to come in close contact. Drinking alcohol in public places, including wine stalls, has been forbidden.

Germany is asking companies to imply work from home possibilities.

High fatality in Germany

The quick loss of 952 people in Germany was quite alarming for the country.

The head of Robert Koch Institute, Lothar Wieler, is overseeing the response of coronavirus. He said that the situation is much more serious than before. The number of infected cases is much more than what it was before. Moreover, the situation can get worse, and dealing with the pandemic can get worse.

The Deutsche Welle reported that there was a lesser number of younger people testing positive. However, there was a rise in the number of older adults facing the virus’s severe effects.

The numbers in the intensive care unit are increasing alarmingly. Thus, the new measures come as an absolutely necessity.

Chancellor Angela Merkel informed that the November lockdown was ‘light’. It didn’t do enough of what it could have to bring the spread under control.

The figures are shocking and as high as the early months of the disease spread. Germany was one of the European countries that handled the crisis well when it began. Thus, the sudden shift forced them to go into a strict lockdown again.


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