Fusion Hair Extensions Application Tips for Professionals

Fusion Hair Extensions


To work in fusion hair extensions and technique a stylist needs high-quality consumables and tools: keratin glue, hair, iron for bond attachment, protective disks, bonds remover, etc.

Also, a stylist should know in which sequence the strands need to be attached.

Read about it in our article.

Step-by Step Guide of Applying Fusion Hair Extensions for Professionals

Let’s start with what kind of consumables will be required for extensions:

  1. Keratin glue pellets

The material you choose determines how comfortable for customers will be their new hairstyle. Bad quality keratin glue will reduce the wearing time of the extensions.

A good product does not release harmful vapours, does not damage the scalp and natural hair of clients, fixes hair in bonds from application to reapplication, and is very convenient in work.

To find quality Italian keratin glue, visit the online store of the Canadian brand I Love Slavic Hair. Here you will find the best glue with which you can easily create bonds of any size.

There are traditional Italian keratin glue (transparent, black and brown) and gel keratin of various shades.

  1. Hair

To ensure that clients are always satisfied with the quality of your service, we recommend working with Slavic or Russian hair.

  • Slavic hair is not processed in any way soft and thin strands of different structure, cut from young donors.
  • Russian hair is a bit thicker than Slavic, has different colors and structures.
  1. Other tools and accessories include:
  • Iron to melt keratin glue
  • Pliers and clips to form bonds
  • Protection disks
  • Keratin bonds removing liquid and pliers

And now let’s describe the process of extensions application:

  1. First, you have to make a layout – to determine the places where the extensions will be attached.
  2. Often the extension scheme assumes that the locks are first attached to the top of the head. Gradually the stylist moves to the back of the head and the temples.
  3. Your task is to arrange the strands in such a way that your natural hair covers the extensions. Then no one will notice the place where the hair extensions are attached and the hair will look natural.

You can find all the necessary hair extensions supplies on iloveslavichair.com. With the right materials and tools it will be much easier to realize all your clients’ wishes!


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