Funny Questions to Ask to Your Crush

funny questions to ask your crush

Laughter is an excellent way to enter the heart of a person. Moreover, the conversation is the best way to develop good relations. Keeping this in mind, we suggest a few funny questions to ask your crush. In doing so, you will expect to achieve a comfortable flow of conversation. visit here

Best Funny Questions to Ask to Your Crush

What is the Worst Day of Your Life?

Asking about bad dates may be somewhat disturbing for your crush at that time. However, funny questions to ask your crush or asking such things will become an excellent flirting staff later. You may even tell the story related to your bad date to show the vulnerability. At the same time, you can connect on a common experience without spending too much.

Which Celebrity You Want to See as the Next President

Another popular funny question to ask your crush may be from politics. You may ask the name of a star, which your partner wants to see as the President. If anyone asks this question, I would suggest the name of Kevin Hart as the upcoming American President.

Who is Your Enemy or Nemesis?

Every person can have at least one nemesis or enemy in life. You may mentally direct the cathartic rage to your nemesis without creating awareness of it in front of others. In contrast, your crush also had an imaginary feud.

What do you think of ghost hunting?

Questions related to paranormal creatures and ghost hunting is another funny question you may ask your partner. If the crush does not have any nemesis or enemy, this question will work well. You may share a story of any horror movie to make the conversation more interesting.

What Emojis do you use while flirting with others?

Asking about the combination of Emojis at the time of flirting gives both fun and pleasant experience. Your partner may even use a unique combination of Emojis at every moment of his life, including the ones used at the time of flirting or expressing love. Asking this will prevent you from committing mistakes while your crush flirts with you.

What would you choose as your career after you grow up?

The question related to the career of your crush may seem generic at first. However, it is cute once you enter your 20s. Furthermore, you may appreciate yourself by knowing that you are a unique child. A few years ago, I dated a boy, who wanted to become an electric bulb. Now, almost every one of us has a career ambition, which we strive hard to achieve. (Valium)

What is your memorable childhood moment?

Similar to asking about your career, you may even ask your crush about childhood memories. If possible, you should ask your crush to share a few lovely moments of his/her life. On the other side, you may even share your own first to create a strong emotional bond.

Do you have any issues with your mom, dad, or both?

You may ask me why one should share his/her family affairs. You may discuss issues with anyone or both parents at the time of dating. The truth is that sharing the problems with parents creates a platform to know and express each other’s emotions. If your crush has any issue with the mom or dad, you may at least give some valuable suggestions. Luckily, your recommendations may set the matter right for the future.

How many times do you see the mirror in one day?

Are you dating a handsome boy or a beautiful girl? Never miss asking this funny question to continue with your communication.

What is your favorite song as a bathroom singer?

More than 90 percent of individuals come with bathroom singing talent. Hence, why not use it as a funny question to start your communication with your crush.

How do you like to celebrate your weekend getaway?

If you want to know whether your dating partner is an adventure lover, a music lover, a nature lover, or a historical buff, you should never miss asking this question. For instance, if your partner is an adventure lover, he/she may choose to go camping and trekking activities. In contrast, nature lovers may choose to visit an amusement park.

Can you leave your Smartphone, laptop, or TV for one week?

Besides being funny, this question lets you know how much time he/she can dedicate or pay attention to you. In other words, the question also highlights the commitment and extent of the love of your partner towards you.

What is your favorite ice cream flavour?

Want to know the likings of your partner just go ahead and ask his/her favorite ice cream flavor.

What are your favorite sports and your favorite team?

Does your crush is a sportsperson or involved in sports activities in the past? Just ask his/her favorite sports followed by the favorite team. You may even ask about individual players they like and why.

Do you like indoor or outdoor activities to stay fit?

Good health and staying fit for a lifetime is the prime requirement of everyone. Hence, you may feel free to ask about his/her health and fitness habits. Accordingly, you may know whether he/she likes playing sports, bicycling, and other outdoor activities. Alternatively, you may ask whether he/she loves Zumba, aerobics, Salsa, or gym exercises.

Where you prefer to go if you get a chance to visit any other planet in the universe?

Dating someone who wants to be an astronaut in the future, ask this question immediately. On the other side, you may even share your opinion to explore other heavenly bodies in the universe.

Do you have many friends or only a few close friends?

Knowing the friend circle of your dating partner i.e. whether close friends or regular friends is very much essential. I would suggest you ask it funnily during your first date only.

Do you have any childhood friends?

Similar to asking about close friends, you may also ask whether your partner has any childhood friends or not.

Closing lines 

Overall, you may ask funny questions to ask your crush to include a fun factor in your conversation. However, you have to avoid putting pressure on yourself to make the question funny. Besides, you should never force your partner to reply to your question. Instead, you have to keep the discussion lighthearted and stay entertained for the entire dating session.





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