Five Interesting Facts About Amsterdam That Most People Don’t Know

Five Interesting Facts About Amsterdam That Most People Don't Know

People from all over the world have become fascinated with Amsterdam because of its unique quirkiness. However, there is a lot more going on here than it first seems. The coffee houses, tulips, canals, and world-famous bicycle culture are all well-known. We know that the inexpensive Amsterdam Light Festival tickets are a major attraction, but what else attracts people to Amsterdam? Put the Van Goghs aside for a minute. Five interesting facts you probably didn’t know about the Netherlands’ capital are listed below:

  1. A total of eleven million poles support the city’s infrastructure.

Amsterdam’s cornerstone is an impressive engineering feat considering that most of the Netherlands is just a meter above the earth’s surface and that the city itself is constructed on clay. The Amsterdam Museum reveals that 11 million hardwood poles prevent the city’s structures from collapsing. Trees at Vondelpark are protected from the naturally swampy soil by wooden piles. We’d take a risk on any famous party boat Amsterdam if it was up to us.

  1. The canals allow you to go up to 100 kilometers.

If you’ve always wanted to experience life on a houseboat, Amsterdam is the place to go. It is feasible to go 100 kilometers by water inside the city boundaries because of the city’s network of more than 165 canals. Take an hour-long sail along the canals as you wait to find your permanent home in the Netherlands.

  1. It seems that the Europeans can’t get enough of the beer from Amsterdam.

Do you need anything to satisfy your thirst? The winning formula can be found in Amsterdam. Although several European nations produce beer, the Dutch have the best-known brand. Heineken, which began in Amsterdam in 1864, currently produces about 200 million hectoliters of its signature beer annually. Witness the brewing process firsthand at the Heineken Experience while enjoying Amsterdam nightlife.

  1. Only “cool cats” are allowed on houseboats.

Being a permanent resident on a boat is not unusual in a city with a network of canals. A canal tour is the best way to watch the inhabitants of Amsterdam moving about their everyday lives on the waterways. But it’s not the only group that uses the water as a home in the city. The city even has a ferry designed just for cat passengers. It all began in the 1960s, but now “The Catboat” is a well-known safe haven for strays.

Numerous bicycles flood the city’s canals.

Don’t simply focus on the road while you’re out there; always check your surroundings. Amsterdam has so many bicycles that the city’s bike lanes imitate highways. Numerous riders, apparently after a few too many Heinekens, have been seen diving their bikes into the canals. Every year, fishermen pull almost 25,000 bicycles from the canals. The perfect way to see the city’s hidden gems is on a private bike tour, although we don’t suggest chilling your horse in the water along the route.

The Bottom Line

You won’t believe it, but none of these facts are already known to you if you have reached here. But we’re glad that you now know more about Amsterdam than your friend, who has recently explored the major attractions of this city in the Netherlands.


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