Finding The Best Deals On Furniture

Finding The Best Deals On Furniture

1. Time Your Purchases Wisely

Bear in mind that furniture prices tend to change at different times of the year. The best bargains tend to arrive around Memorial Day as well as Veterans Day, and store sales are plentiful at these times. However, for the very best furniture prices, wait to do your shopping around July Fourth or near Christmas. This is when furniture retailers are seeking to eliminate excess inventory and are therefore willing to offer great deals for furnitures. Take a look at The Citizenry furniture at great prices.

2. Be Open To Used Items

Provided you take the time to do your research and conduct a thorough inspection, there are terrific deals to be had on used furniture items. You will want to be on alert for staining, rips, water damage, and scratching, but as long as you have tested each item for fit, comfort, and quality, you may be shocked by the tremendous bargains you can find.

3. Watch For Freebies

Though the notion of hauling a dirty sofa from someone’s curbside is not terribly appealing, there are actually lots of incredible items being given away for free, as long as you know where to look. Freecyle has terrific deals for furnitures for people who are willing to part with at no cost to you, as is the free area of Craigslist. Remember to ask those in your own personal circle if they have any items they no longer need and would be happy for you to take off their hands.

4. Learn The Art Of Haggling

Negotiation is a favorite pastime for some, but for others, there is nothing worse than trying to drive a hard bargain with a seller of any sort. However, there are certain items for which it really is necessary to do some haggling in order to get the best deals for furnitures and vehicles. There are always massive markups added to furniture prices, and as such, furniture retailers are generally willing to make concessions to those who ask. It is not unreasonable to receive a discount of between 10 and 20%, as long as you are willing to seek it. If the salesperson will not budge on price, try to obtain free delivery, free throw pillows, or something similar out of the deal.


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