Filmora Download For PC Full Version Free

Filmora Download For PC Full Version Free


FILMORA has become one of the most popular software in the field of “video editing “in a few years. With this program, you can make video editing in a really simple but at the same time professional way. It is no coincidence that Filmora is now used by both fewer experts and professionals in the sector. As you will notice in the guide below, the program has basic video editing functions and advanced functions that only professional programs possess. So this article will give you a complete guide about filmora download for pc full version free.

However, the strength of Filmora is its extreme simplicity use. Videos made with this program are full of special effects, transitions, intros, etc … ideal for both online sharing and burning to DVD or saving locally (on your PC)

Filmora download for pc full version free

If you still don’t have Filmora, click on the buttons below to download. Choose the version between Windows or MAC and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Wondershare ID creation and login

After installation, open the program and choose to Create New Project. Click the Account icon in the upper right corner of the interface and then log into your Wondershare ID with your email and password. You can also log in with Facebook, Google+, or Twitter. With the Wondershare ID, you can access Filmora resources, track your product’s activation status, and manage your purchases.

If you don’t have a Wondershare ID yet, read this guide to create a Wondershare ID.

Note: You can use Filmora9 without logging in, but unless you are logged in to a Wondershare ID with a paid license associated with it, there will be a watermark in your exported videos. As soon as you are logged in, a message like this will appear.

Update Filmora

There are two ways to update Wondershare Filmora9: automatic Check for updates and manual Check for updates. Follow the steps below to check for updates automatically:

  • Choose Preferences under the File menu
  • Change the Check for Updates selection to check every day, every week, every month, or never according to your preferences.

So if there is an update, an automatic update window will pop up. Select Update Now to download the new version of Filmora. After downloading the Update:

  1. Click OK to close the program and install the new version. You can also click Cancel to install it next time.
  2. Suppose you’d rather not receive the Update, set Check for Update to Never.
  3. When you want to update, select Check for Updates in Help to manually check if a newer version of film downloads for pc full version free available.

Tips: Save your project manually before updating Filmora9 to make sure you never lose your work.

Uninstall Filmora: Filmora Download For PC Full Version Free

Go to Control Panel> Programs and Features> Uninstall or change a program (Go to this PC> Computer> Uninstall or change a program if you’re on Windows 10), then right-click on the Filmora icon and select Uninstall. Click Yes when asked, “Are you sure you want to uninstall WondershareFilmora?”

Create a Project

When you start working,filmora download for pc full version free creates a new project and saves it in a certain file (so that you can resume it later and you will never lose your work even in the event of a sudden shutdown of the computer). So this File will contain all the operations done, effects, audio files, photos, and videos used in the project.

  1.  How to save a project

Click on File -> Save Project to save a project. This File will be saved in the * wfp format

  1.  How to open a project

You can always open a project from the File menu as shown in the following figure:

  1.  How to move a project to another PC

Click on FILE> Archive Project. The project files will be archived along with the source files. This allows you to move the project (and all the files on it) to another computer and continue working there.

Import Video / Audio / Photo Files

When starting a project from scratch, you need to import the multimedia files you will use to make the movie.

  1.  Import Video / Audio / Photo

To import multimedia files into Filmora, click on Import at the top

You will be able to:

  • Import media files individually from your PC
  • Import all files in a folder
  • So import files from camera or mobile phone (iOS / Android)
  • Download / import files from your Facebook / Instagram / Flickr page

2. Record video/audio with Filmora

You will also be able to record a video file using the “recorder” function included in Filmora. Before using this function, make sure that the webcam (or microphone) is connected to the PC correctly.

Click on Register at the top and then choose whether to record from the webcam, record PC screen, or record your voice (with microphone) from the library panel. So the recorded video (or audio) file will automatically be added to the Filmora library, and you can drag it down to the Timeline to add it to your project/movie.

Over 300 Hollywood Movie Effects

Watching a movie can be made more exciting through audio and visual effects. From filters and text enhancement effects to classic audio effects. So filmora Video Editor has over 300 unique options to download.

Filter effects        

Do you want to apply color and motion filters to grab attention in your film? Choose over 70 special and creative effects and apply them directly!

Graphic art effects

Choose great graphic art to add a holiday touch or something simple to your movie, like a Christmas, Love & Flowers symbol.

Dynamic transitions

Need to switch between scenes with a cunning touch? Choose from 50 unique transitions, such as vertical shot, tilt, or zoom grid.

Versatile Text Effects

Add text through 19 really cute moving text effects.

Intro and Credits

Start and finish your movie professionally with colorful introduction and credits screens. Choose from Curtain, Star, Spring, and more.

Sensational sound effects

Add laughter & drama to your video by choosing from the many sound effects. So such as gunshots, thunder, and other everyday noises.

Special Features Video Editing

In addition to the standard video editing features like crop, split, and rotate available in Filmora Video Editor, here are some other cool features you can use:

  • Close-up: Did you forget to focus on a face in the crowd while shooting the video? With Filmora, it will be enough to click to enlarge what you want!
  • Jump Cut: Automatically create sequential cuts and jumps to make your movie more dynamic!
  • Mosaic: This allows you to hide faces, lettering, personal information, or copyrighted materials by creating a kind of mosaic on the desired part of the screen.
  • PIP (Picture-in-Picture): This allows you to play two videos in parallel, one above the other, to tell two events simultaneously.

Professional Features

Tilt Shift: Distorts video playback with a horizontal and vertical tilt-shift effect. Beautiful effect for professional movies!

Scene Detection: Have you made a video from different points of view and want to make it more fluid? Video Editor intelligently detects all these different scenes and splits the video.

Face-off: A fun tool that replaces faces in the video with masks! Choose from a collection of styles to entertain your friends and family.

Audio Separation: Right-click on the Timeline video to extract the audio track from the video and work on that track separately. It is also possible to remove the audio track and then insert and record your voice or add different background music.

Share with whoever you want.

What is a masterpiece if it is not shared and shown to friends, relatives, or Youtube users? Filmora Video Editor offers all the options you need to create high-quality professional movies and allows you to share them in several ways.

  • Burn DVD: Nothing beats a DVD if you want to keep your memories and review them at any time on your big TV screen
  • Convert to Standard / HD Video: You can convert your video to any format, even high definition, in a few clicks.
  • Create videos for iOS, Android & Others: Many formats already optimized for iPhone X / 8/7/6/5, iPad / iPod Touch, Samsung, Amazon, HTC, PSP, etc … to watch videos on the go.
  • Upload to YouTube, Facebook: Choose the best format for YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, and upload your video directly online.

Simple to use: Filmora Download For PC Full Version Free

Creating a magical movie requires an ideal workspace. You will finally have a simple, intuitive workspace with Video Editor that handles video, audio, and text with easy access and ready for one-click editing. Adding media files and effects is simple, thanks to dragging and drop. A window allows you to access each element and make changes quickly and easily.

  • Create Media Tracks Add, view, and adjust every second of video like a pro. It is easy to even for a novice.
  • Drag & Drop Adding content is simple by simply dragging files from the PC folder directly onto the software screen.
  • Real-Time Adjustment Shrink or enlarge any file, overlay video/audio/text, and you’re all set! Select “Scene Detection” to split your video into easier-to-manage segments.

Basic changes: Filmora download for pc full version free

Once you have imported your video/audio/photo files into the program, you can create the final movie. You will also be able to make changes to the imported files. In the case of video files, you can merge, divide, cut, and rotate the File itself. So here’s how to apply these basic editing functions for video files.

  1.  How to Select the files in the library

To select a multimedia file, click on its thumbnail. If you want to select multiple files, you will have to hold down the [Ctrl] key and click on all the thumbnails you want

  1.  How to delete files from the media library

Select the File with the right mouse button and then click DELETE.

  1.  How to move files in the Timeline

To move the files (videos, photos …) in the film download for pc full version free” timeline,” to start creating your movie, you can select the relative thumbnail of the File and drag it with the mouse down to the track (video or audio)

Or click on the “+” symbol in the center of the File to add it directly to the Timeline

  1.  How to import intro videos (INTRO)

Filmora X offers introductory video files based on background colors or actual video clips. INTROS are very important to start a new movie well. An example of an introductory video you can use is the countdown video. To use these introductory videos, click on “My Album” at the top left and choose “sample colors” or sample videos.

Once you have chosen the intro video to use, click on the “+” to add it to the Timeline below.

Why Choose Filmora Video Editor?

FILMORA Video Editor is simple and fun to use software designed even for those new to video editing. Works with any video captured from any digital camcorder or mobile device — and supports all HD video standards and formats. You will also be able to edit videos taken directly from your computer’s webcam. So the program has many special editing features like Jump Cut and Mosaic Blur and standard editing features like Crop, Split and Rotate. These, in combination with the more than 300 audio and text effects available for download, take video editing to a professional and, at the same time, fun level!

By Users: Filmora Download For PC Full Version Free

Edit any format

I am impressed with the potential of this video editor. It allows you to edit any format and convert modified files in different ways. I am thrilled to have found this program.

Super Simple

We can add music to video and also record voice on video. Once the video was created, we easily shared it online on Facebook.

Fabulous Video Editor! 5 stars!

Fantastic! The best video editor on the net! Clean, clear, simple, and very professional. In every editor I have used on XP, I have always had problems with using it. Filmora, on the other hand, works great!

Nice Video Editor

Video Editor allowed me to edit the scenes of my favorite movies with a few clicks and lots of effects, filters, etc … I also recorded my brother’s voice and added it to the video, a spectacular result!


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