6 Essential Exercise Items and Equipment to Get Your Home Gym Started

Essential Exercise Items

Whether you are tired of the commute to the gym, dealing with gym hours, or just wishing you could exercise from the privacy of your home, many people find setting up a home gym to be a great alternative to the typical gym/workout experience. A home gym can also be a huge selling point for a piece of reality. A lot of people see a home gym as part of a complete setup. Here are some essential exercise items to get your home Gym started.

If you have the discipline to maintain your exercise habits, setting up a home gym can be a worthwhile investment. You can make your workout routine fun even if it’s just your dog acting as your workout buddy. 

Disclaimer: Before anything else, consult your doctor, especially if you’re just a beginner. 

Things to consider 

Space, money, motivation. 

If you have a baseman, spare room, or garage that you can convert to your gym, plus the budget, you can get pretty essential exercise items for your home gym set up that will make your neighbors envious.

On the other hand, if the only place where you can exercise is in the living room or that small area beside your bed, you have to be creative with your space and carefully choose your equipment. Several sports companies now offer affordable gym equipment. You can even DIY some items. The key is to stay active. 

No coach? No problem!

The right motivation can be your best coach. You can watch home workout videos, use fitness apps, or design your physical training routine. Let’s begin.

You need a few essential exercise items and equipment to get your home gym started 

As you set up your home gym, remember these basic components for a complete fitness program: endurance, strength, and flexibility. 

  1. Dumbbells

A good pair of dumbbells may be the most basic exercise equipment, even for beginners. You can do a lot with them. There’s a variety of weights and sizes and you can find adjustable dumbbells

Use lighter dumbbells for working on your upper body. Heavier ones are great for lower body training, such as lunges and squats. Vinyl-coated dumbbells are more rust-resistant and aesthetically pleasing, but if you’re just concerned about the functionality, metal dumbbells will meet your needs. 

  1. Kettlebell

For a simple full-body workout routine, this highly-functional piece of gym equipment can be perfect. You can combine strength training with high-intensity cardio workout using kettlebells, and you’re good for the day. 

Why do you need them when you already have adjustable dumbbells? Kettlebells can be useful for more specific routines. Kettlebell exercises also put lower amounts of stress on joints which can help relieve muscle and joint pains. 

  1. Hip Circle Bands

They may look lightweight but hip circle bands definitely provide that extra challenge to your lower body exercise, especially for that much-needed butt workout. 

  1. Yoga Mat

Apart from providing a cushion when you need to do push-ups, sit or lie down on a hard floor, the mat can also serve as your brain trigger that it’s time to exercise—spreading your yoga mat signals the beginning of your routine. 

  1. Jump Rope

You’ve most probably used this at one point as a kid. You might even know a few tricks! Far from being just a plaything, jumping rope improves your coordination, gets your heart rate up, strengthens the calf area, and also a great calorie-burner. 

Jumping rope can even produce results similar to that of an aerobic exercise routine. You can do it as a mini-workout or warm-up before doing a heavier strength training routine. 

  1. Medicine Ball

If you’re into plyometric exercises or sports involving explosive movements such as basketball or volleyball, this is essential.

Alternative training equipment

We know that not everyone is into weight training. If you’re more into gymnastics or calisthenics, what you need is a setup that allows for body movements, one with a pull-up bar and rings. Again, your home gym should be customized according to your fitness needs and workout routine. 

Home gym Conclusions

So there you go. You can include a few more items to keep you motivated as you go on. A full body mirror is not necessary, but it can help you be mindful of your form and give you a view of your progress. It’s really up to you.

However, you decide to outfit your home gym the most important thing is making sure to put it to good use! 


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