With the increase in the number of laundromats and improved laundry technology, more people are now comfortable doing their laundry in public. Reputable laundry companies currently offer wash-and-fold services in addition to laundromats where people can do their laundry themselves, meaning you can pick the service you’re most comfortable with. 

Consequently, almost everyone has looked up a “laundromat near me open now” search term on their mobiles at least once. It becomes easy to pick a laundromat from the scores of results that come up from the search.

But if you are an amateur trying your hand at a public laundromat for the first time, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the task at hand. To make things easier on yourself, follow the below tips.

Sort your load at home

Sorting clothes at home will allow you to save time when you are at the laundromat. Also, you will have more space to complete the task at home than at the laundry place. 

So, ensure to clear all the pockets and use different colored bags for light and dark clothes. This way, you will reach the laundromat more organized and ready to grab machines and get all your separate loads underway. A bonus tip is to have enough change in hand, as it can save time.

Use your own detergent

If you are using a laundromat for the first time and are unsure of the detergents they offer, it is better to carry your own. However, you may find it hard to haul those large containers of detergent and other laundry essentials every time you visit a laundromat. 

Instead, you can measure out how many scoops you will need for each load and carry only that much in sealed plastic bags. Alternatively, you can opt for single-use fabric softeners and detergents, eliminating the need to carry measuring cups.

Check the machine before using it

Much research has been done on laundry machinery, the electricity they use, and the amount of time it takes for a single load to be completed. With that in mind, many laundromats are investing in high-end energy-efficient machines that save water and energy.

However, few things beat the eye test, so remember to check the washing machine and dryer before you use them. Check if any of them are faulty or broken or have any detergent residue inside. You can use a cloth rag to wipe the insides to ensure the machines are clean for use.

Customize cleaning cycles

A significant thing to remember is that not everything needs a deep cleaning. Most often, a quick short wash is more than enough if you are washing lightly soiled clothes. Also, some clothes may even tear or fade if they are washed excessively. It will also be a waste of water, time, and money. Therefore, check which clothes need what type of cleaning before putting them in the machines.

Time your errands

When you look up “laundromat near me, open now,” you will have dozens of laundromats listed on your mobile or computer screen. Pick one that’s closer to another activity. This way, you won’t have to waste time waiting for your load to be washed. 

If you time your loads right, you may be able to multitask and accomplish other errands by the time your laundry is done. Just remember to return on time, because others may be waiting for the machine, and it might be a tad inconsiderate to make them wait too long. 

Some laundry apps allow you to control and track your wash cycles, making multitasking easier. You can also set a reminder on your phone to make sure you’re on time. 

Ask for assistance

Several reliable and large-scale laundromats have helpful workers always available to assist new customers with their very first laundry load. So, if you feel confused or unsure even after doing the above steps, you can approach a laundromat employee for assistance. You can also opt for a wash-dry-fold service, enabling you to leave doing the laundry entirely to the service provider. 


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