Easiest online tool to make videos

online tool to make videos

Video marketing is crucial for any business these days. Video content has become a prime part of any online platform to establish a brand or increase revenue. As such, videos can also be created for fun and entertainment purposes. However, using the best video maker online allows you to create delectable videos in a short span. Let’s see the easiest online tool to make videos.

Especially when you are not tech-savvy, you need a video editor with maximum features with minimal complexity. This article shall help you find the easiest online video-making tools that shall assist you in making thought-provoking videos. 

1. Wave.Video

An excellent video marketing platform that allows you to create, edit and share the videos of your choice to almost any online platform. The tool is incredibly easy, and while we say that the tutorials available shall help you become a professional in no time.

Wondering if it has any stock video and image library?; the platform has 400 million. That means to say it takes a lifetime for you to use each one of them. You can also find footage on the platform; if you do not have any, you can choose from the available options.

Of course, sharing the videos on social media platforms is made easy. You can, in fact, directly share them as soon as you create the video. 

2. Renderforest

With more than 1lakh stock images and videos, Renderforest is one of the best online video editing software available right now. The step-by-step guide to creating videos that is present as a tutorial is a must for any beginner. You must understand the methods and techniques to create videos using the tool.

It is easy to use but not as easy as the InVideo or the other tools listed here. The reason why it is one of the best online video tools is because of its versatility. The templates, the customizations, and the quick rendering process make it the best tool on the market right now. 

3. InVideo

This is by far the best online tool to make videos in a short span. InVideo is highly sought after by beginners for its user-friendly interface. You can create stunning videos in a relatively short time while the product’s price is free.

With 4000+ templates available, you can find the template for your video for any niche. It is a web-based platform, and all it requires is a browser, and you can log in to the platform to create incredible videos. The requirement of any experience in creating videos is nullified with its user-friendly interface. 

4. Adobe Spark

 It is a way too advanced tool than any of the tools available in this article. You can create instant videos with many templates available. You can also create videos on educational programs with minimal effort. Indeed, the graphic content can be easily rendered using this tool. The templates are jam-packed.

You have royalty-free pictures as Adobe Stock. Though the tool is advanced, downloading the project as soon as it is done cannot happen. It might compress the images. So, you might have to wait for a while before downloading. That takes time for you to upload the video on the social media platform

5. Animoto

Animoto memories and Animoto marketing both serve incredible purposes for their respective usage. Tutorials are available for either of the product. The tutorial’s step-by-step process will lead you to create very good videos right from the first time. You have template stories and a music library as stock.

You can trim the stories for your video needs, and the same can be done to the soundtrack. The menu of templates will attract many users. The categorized templates allow you to choose the template for the video’s niche. You can customize the template as per the requirements too. 

6. Flyr

Flyr is named for its flashy templates and ease of sharing. You have to sign up and start using the templates to create videos quickly. You can edit the text, the color, and the fonts at will. If you are planning to adjust the background video, you can still do it. It indeed has more than a million HD stock images for you to use. You can upload the videos easily and can download only if you are paid customer. (Zolpidem)  

7. Kizoa

This is a very simple tool with generous features. It is pretty easy to use, and you will be amazed looking at the output, though. The instant playback option and different tools that you would never find in other online video editing tools.

The tool has a step-by-step guide and helps you pop up if you are stuck anywhere while creating a video. The demo albums have 15 to 20 photos as stock images for free. It also has a few soundtracks but is not as robust as the Animoto. 

8. Clipchamp

If you are a beginner and looking for a very easy tool to create videos, Clipchamp shall be your best choice. A very easy-to-use tool with simple functions. You can easily navigate the tool and find options to create videos the way you wanted. Even as a free user, you get numerous stock images and videos in the form of teasers. The soundtracks and sound effects are an add-on as well. 

9. HippoVideo

If you are looking at creating any tutorial video, then HippoVideo is your pick. You can create videos by recording the screen. A Chrome extension video editor allows you to record Chrome browsers better than any other browser.

You also have the free stock library to use, but in the case of screen recording and educational videos as tutoring, you may not need such features mostly. You can use the link provided by the platform to upload the videos too. 


You have a list of easy online tools for editing. Now, you can use them and edit any videos that you want. It makes your editing job easy and fast. Therefore, pick any and start editing today for that awesome video. 


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