Dream11 APK (updated 2022) Download

Dream11 APK (updated 2022) Download
Dream11 APK (updated 2022) Download

Dream11 APK (updated 2022) Download. Dream11 main competitor is ‘Zuma11.in’ with monopoly over Indian cricket game. To avoid direct conflict companies have decided to rename it to ‘BanglaCricket’ to maintain a little difference between both platform, even then it still continues as a healthy competition except few scandalised events.

This app is one of the most popular online gaming platforms throughout the world. Now a days many sports tournaments such as matches, leagues are arranged by organisations. There is massive audience of real-time sports games.

There are many other games like MPL , Rummy are also available for download. Dream11 users can judge winning teams by creating own team of players currently playing in their favourite teams or sporting events.

This App provides real-time updates and captivating graphics which will assure you high quality experience of following your favorite events or teams from your smartphone and desktop!

Dream11 is a fantasy sports game by which players draft real world athletes and score points as a result of their performances. An easy way to put it is, Dream11 is like Soccer Manager or Championship Manager but with Cricket, Football, Basket Ball, Hockey and other sports. Users play against each other based on their knowledge of each sport within the game – there are many different leagues within the largest ones.

For example you may choose to be an expert in Cricket and thus will join a league that changes daily where only people in that league can see your team’s full lineup, abilities etc. for that day’s match-ups but if you do poorly or the line-up doesn’t perform well you might lose some of your fans.

It costs nothing to sign up and they continually add new types of games (i.e football) so just find one based on how much time you have and how much money you’re willing to spend!


Cricket is a popular team game where 11 players on either team bat and bowl against the opposition. The captain of a cricket team makes strategic decisions that can result in various points earned, such as runs toward the score, wickets – or players getting out – but also points won by either batting or bowling at goals.

Each of these decisions should be made with an understanding of who to play and when because each decision you make has benefits that can add up to more points scored than your opponent’s total! At Dream11.com we reward our cricket fantasy participants for making the right calls and scoring higher than their opponents on our contest platform.

There are massive 25 points for a Wicket. There are extra bonus points for 3, 4 and 5 Wickets by single player. For every Four that you score in the over then you will get 12 Points. When Bowlers takes the wicket of the batsman for a maiden over, then he will be awarded with 8 Points . Run outs , stumping can be great fun but also could add up to a total of 12 Points each if done successfully.


Kabaddi is a team game played on a rectangle court with seven players from each team participating in play. It originated in ancient India and is very popular in the Indian subcontinent specifically. Kabaddi was introduced as a full-fledged discipline at the Asian Games in 1990 where it has been played ever since.

The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) is India’s premier domestic kabaddi competition, and is where you’ll find some of the world’s best kabaddi players competing every year. For your convenience, we also offer Dream11 kabaddi games where you can play fantasy against your friends or other people around the globe!

In Fantasy Kabaddi on dream 11 apk download, every successful raid will earn you five points while an unsuccessful raid will cost you one point. For a super tackle, you’ll get five points, and four for a normal tackle. If your team outscores the other team with all its players standing up, you’ll receive three points.

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All of your players getting taken down by the other squad will cost you two points. And if any of your players are issued a red card penalty, it will cost six points, while a yellow card penalty will deduct four points from your tally.


Basketball is an exciting game that has two teams, each with five players on them. To play basketball fantasy games through Dream11 you will get 100 credit points for team selection . With these 100 credits you are able to select five players for your team. For every point your participant scores for the duration of real-life matches that you picked, you will gain one particular point. For rebounds and assists, 1.5 and one.two points respectively can be yours. Also, when a participant blocks or steals the ball from the other team, 3 points can be earned.


Hockey is a full-contact sport played between two teams of six players. Plays are started by a faceoff, when the puck is placed at the center of the stadium and the opposing players hit it back and forth using hockey sticks until one team puts it in the crease area. Four goaltenders play on each side and try to block shots from going into the goal while they control the puck, pass to other teammates, or shoot at the net themselves.

The goalie can block shots outside or inside the crease area but not within it. In Dream11, we’re focusing on two key positions for this format: defenders and strikers.

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