Dr. Ryan Shelton 6 Predictions About The Future of Telehealth 

Future of Telehealth 

Telehealth, the use of telecommunications and information technology to deliver healthcare outside of a traditional in-person setting, is expected to grow significantly in popularity in the coming years. Let’s see the future of Telehealth-

Telehealth has been around for decades with video conferencing and phone consulting serving as early forms of telehealth communication. As healthcare software companies become more advanced and internet speeds rise, experts, such as Dr. Ryan Shelton predict telehealth will become a common way for doctors to communicate with patients.

Here are the top six predictions about the future of telehealth from Dr Ryan Shelton.

The use of telehealth is expected to grow

As technology becomes more advanced and high-speed internet speeds allow for the use of telehealth apps, telehealth is expected to grow in popularity.

Telehealth will be utilized in the medical field more and more

As technology continues to change, doctors expect that telehealth services will play a larger role within the medical field as well as in the healthcare system.

More doctors are expected to offer remote consultations

With telehealth continuing to grow in popularity, more and more physicians expect to use telehealth for their patients. The ability to send a doctor’s visit from your home or office makes it an enticing option for both physicians and patients alike.

Plus, by having remote consultations, doctors will be able to see more patients.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, chronic illnesses are on the rise; telehealth can help physicians stay abreast of each patient’s situation.

Patients may have a better understanding of their diagnoses and treatments

With telehealth, patients can see their doctors at any time through video conferencing. This convenience allows the doctor to explain each patient’s diagnosis in greater detail than before. Physicians can also discuss treatment options more effectively by showing how they work via a screen.

Insurance companies may start covering some costs associated with telehealth services

Telehealth requires the use of technology, such as smartphones or webcams, that can be expensive. In order to reduce the cost for patients and physicians, insurance companies may start covering some costs associated with telehealth services.

Physicians will need to invest in new technology for this change to occur

In order for telehealth to grow and become a viable solution for physicians and patients, physicians must invest in the new technology that comes with telehealth. This includes video conferencing equipment and high-speed internet access.


Telehealth has been around for decades; however, it is expected to increase in popularity as technology advances.

Telehealth services allow doctors and patients to communicate more easily and effectively with each other.

In the coming years, telehealth is expected to become a common way for physicians to offer consultations.

Some insurance companies will likely cover telehealth services in order to reduce costs for both patients and doctors.

Physicians who use telehealth may need to invest in new technology associated with it, such as video conferencing equipment and high-speed internet speeds.

There are many reasons why telehealth has become so popular and used in healthcare today, including convenience and accessibility.

The future of telehealth seems bright as technology advances and telehealth continues to grow in popularity.



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