Do You Need A treatment for Hypertension ?


What is Hypertension And Why is America Struggling With it?

As the songwriter said, America…has a problem. And that problem is heart disease, because it is killing more people than anything else out here that is rooted in internal issues. For example, America indeed has a massive gun violence problem. But Americans are also the unhealthiest people on earth, and as a result, the United States has a massive issue with heart disease because the underlying issues we have are in abundance. People in America are incredibly sick and hypertension ( has underlying causes that can be found in the way people take care of their bodies or simply do not, as America does not incentivize anyone to be healthy.

People are sadly unable to actually surmount their underlying medical issues because America is too expensive and we do not have universal healthcare, here, in the country that is allegedly supposed to be the richest in the world. Can you believe it? Yes you can, if you follow American politics, which is one of the worst examples of fake and phony democracy that you can imagine. The filibuster only still exists in its current form because the Democrats (the racist party at the time) were against a bill that would have improved the material working conditions of most Americans by making employment discrimination illegal. Instead of making that illegal, legislators voted to filibuster to remove the possibility of even getting the chance to address the bill.

The Truth Is, Heart Issues Stay With You For A Long Time

Matters of the heart? You would rather hear about a beautiful romantic love story. You would rather plug your headphones in and listen to your favorite R&B artist, as we know that no other genre addresses love better than rhythm and blues. The very African-American artists who pioneered this genre of music that holds some incredibly powerful resonance today are disproportionately struggling with chronic heart problems, because the racism in this country is truly so intense that black, brown and asian people die every day in this country as a direct result of its racist policies. If you do not believe me, search online for more information and you will undoubtedly discover that the foolishness you are dealing with in America if you are not white is a direct result of you not being white.

America is literally so racist that people get hypertension at a higher rate if they are anything but white and if you think I am exaggerating, there have been multiple studies done by numerous scientists addressing these issues for literal centuries. A century ago, a racist scientist may have come to a problematic and wrong headed conclusion that BIPOC are inherently flawed. In fact, there are American science textbooks that are rooted in very old racist thoughts about biology, and they argue that Asian people feel less mental health issues and Black people do not feel any physical pain at all. This is rooted in a desire to force these people to continue to work for disproportionately low wages, poorer conditions or poor living conditions that could result in a terrible life outcome, and so, these communities are still suffering with more hypertension in America to this day as a direct result of this state-sponsored racism.

Heart Issues And Hypertension Need Treatment and Help

The truth of the matter is, you need help in order to get past such a huge killer of Americans of all hues and shades, especially if you are in a minority population. The fact is, treatment for hypertension is available and it is going to be rooted in addressing the underlying causes of your health issues overall. How do you do that if the underlying cause can be directly linked to racism in America? (Xanax) How do we improve our heart health outcomes if we are living in a country that wants to mess with people’s health on purpose if those people are not white? The truth of the matter is the fundamental fight against hypertension is going to be partly about receiving incredible treatments from doctors who are interested in experimental treatments, medicines to lower your blood pressure and other ideas.

But these medicines have to work in tandem with policies that seek to eliminate the root cause of these underlying issues. The fact of the matter is, we can do better by our citizens overall health outcomes if we eliminate racism in America. If you think that this is farfetched or a reach or a stretch, do your own research and you will come to the same conclusion if you have the guts to learn more about the history of medical racism and the direct links you will find to poor health outcomes.


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