Do ENT doctors do rhinoplasty?

doctors do rhinoplasty

Otorhinolaryngology is a specialized aspect of medical science that focuses on diagnosing, consulting, and treating the nose, ear, and neck disorders. Since the term is hard to pronounce, most individuals refer to this as the ENT specialist. You may be feeling that paying a visit to a regular physician will be more viable than going to a specialist. However, you are not right. It is because the throat, nose, and ear are interconnected. Hence, a problem in one aspect may trigger an issue in the other area. Thus, only a specialist can help you with accurate diagnosis and treatment of the problem. Doctors do rhinoplasty-


Plastic surgeons generally perform rhinoplasty, but even ENT doctors become a preferred choice in some cases. Functional rhinoplasty requires a specialist like ENT to get desired results. An ENT trained in facial cosmetic surgery can go for it. They have the training to diagnose and treat such medical issues. If an ENT specialist has the necessary training, they can bring in the correct balance of cosmetic and functional aspects. (buy modafinil uae) A patient can thus achieve desirable goals through this process.

Chronic ear infection

Chronic ear disease is an infection in an air-filled space behind your eardrum. Most individuals are prone to getting this infection at an early age. Kids within six months to two years are susceptible to this infection. Since they cannot say anything, parents have to pay attention to the symptoms. 

Hearing loss

It comes without saying that hearing loss is an area where only an ENT provider can help you out. If you cannot hear the familiar voice and turn up device volumes, it may be a hearing defect. ENT providers work with audiologists to discover the cause of hearing loss. It can result from anything like wax build-up or ear infection. Only a reputed ENT specialist understands the underlying cause. 

Vertigo or dizziness

Most body systems like the inner ear have to work together to maintain balance. Around 30% of individuals experience Vertigo or dizziness. It may be a short-term concern, like dizziness when you stand up quickly or during migraine, or when taking medication. However, the most common reason for Vertigo is dislodging of calcium crystals in the inner ear from their normal position. The condition has diverse symptoms, which are difficult to diagnose. Hence, getting in touch with ENT providers may help you develop your treatment plan and get steady treatment. You may visit for additional information on ENT procedures.

Ringing ears

Ringing inside the ears is known as tinnitus. It is a recurrent head or ear noise with no external source, and the problem lasts for just 45 minutes. However, it occurs very often. Individuals who have this issue may experience extreme symptoms, and it will negatively affect their life quality. ENT providers may help you with management strategies for decreasing the perception of a ringing sound. 

Along with this, chronic sore throat, stuffy nose, and sleep apnea are other conditions where ENT providers may help you rectify the problem. These ENT providers use several diagnoses and methods to understand the underlying cause and provide your best treatment plan.


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