Defining internet marketing trends in 2021

internet marketing trends

The beginning of the year is always a headache for marketers. They are battling for ad budgets, mastering new tools, and trying to track down which internet marketing trends will play a defining role in 2021. By making the choice to follow a fashion trend or ignore it, you determine how successfully your plans to increase conversions and generate feedback with your target audience will be implemented.

Technological trends alone are opening up new opportunities for online businesses. They scale to target markets, offering online stores new functionality to increase reach, traffic and conversions. Other trends continue to evolve personalization mechanics, taking sales and content marketing to the next level of creativity.

Go to mobile

According to a study, mobile traffic to online stores continues to grow, confidently overtaking desktop traffic. At the same time, the number of transactions from a computer is 2 times higher than from mobile devices, which is probably due to the fact that users are used to looking for goods on the go from smartphones, to complete a purchase already at home, from a PC.

At the same time, as you can see, about a third of income is generated from mobile traffic, too, so carefully consider your strategy for promoting to mobile. To do this, answer a number of questions:

Is the functionality of your site for viewing and buying from devices outdated?

  • Which is more relevant for you – responsive design or mobile version?
  • What can you improve on your site from a mobile point of view?
  • Does the site have mobile search keywords?

As more B2B shoppers use smartphones to conduct business, having a mobile version increases the amount of time on the site and decreases the bounce rate. It also helps to reduce the overall load time of the site, which is an additional ranking factor. According to Forbes, Google’s search results prioritize mobile-optimized resources.

It’s also important to focus on mobile apps version of Fb, IG and YouTube. You can buy YouTube subscribers to get more attention on your channel. At the same time, create content only for mobile app users. For instance, YouTube shorts are mostly seen by smartphone users. That’s why it’s important to incorporate the latest trends on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

To prioritize mobile in your site settings, view data analytics and view mobile statistics for the past year. Use them to improve your brand’s online presence by using the key terms that customers use to find you. Clean up old content and improve overall site performance by keeping mobile devices in mind as the content driver. Remember that potential customers want a consistent online experience on any device, so make it easier.

Review your SEO policy

Long keywords (longtail-queries) allow you to find out the interests of the target audience. Once you know the phrases she/he is using, it’s much easier to connect the dots with general search methods for your brand and offerings.

In addition to providing buyer search templates, SEO and long keywords can be different on mobile. Think about it: when you are in a hurry and using your smartphone, you enter different, shorter keywords than when you are at a comfortable table. Mobile devices also make it easier to raise open rates for personalized marketing content, which means that the wording included in the content coverage needs to be up-to-date as well.

Focusing on “long tail” queries is the key to successful search engine optimization . And while these queries generate less traffic than general queries, they bring targeted visitors who are looking for exactly what you have to offer.


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