Debunking 5 Most Popular Swimming Pool Myths

Swimming Pool Myths

People love swimming but there are also some myths that are hidden in the deep end of a swimming pool and prevent many from taking a dive in the aqua water. 

People often make nasty comments about swimming pools, but are they always true? Not exactly. 

Learn the actual truth behind the 5 most popular swimming pool myths: 

1. Maintaining a pool is a chore

Maintaining a pool looks like a lot of work and stress, right? No! This myth doesn’t have any sense of “reality”. Maintaining a pool is much easier than maintaining your car or house. 

Just follow a few pool care tips to ensure a hassle-free pool-maintenance experience: 

  • Install a pool cover or pool enclosure to protect your pool from many external elements. 
  • Use a skimmer to remove any dead leaves or unwanted invaders;
  • Balance pool chemistry;
  • Run your pool filter and pump for water circulation;
  • Regularly clean your pool;
  • Test your water regularly.
  • Maintain your pool equipment and tools. 

2. Use your pool when the weather is good

Many people assume that summer is the only season to enjoy swimming. But that’s not true. One can enjoy swimming and host pool parties, play pool games during any season of the year.  

pool when the weather is good

Extend your swimming season simply by following a few tips:

  • Cover your pool so that inclement weather does not affect your swimming pool;
  • Use solar rings or pool heaters to warm up your water during winters;
  • Install pool aerators to cool your swimming pool during summers.

3. A clear pool is healthy for swimming

Never judge a book by the cover and the same applies to your swimming pool water.  It’s not always true that crystal clear water is clean and healthy for swimming.

To ensure pool water is fit for swimming:

  • Test the water once a week
  • Use test strips to check the chemical level
  • Balance pool chemicals to stave off the growth of microorganisms.

Seek professional help if you find anything wrong with the swimming pool water. 

4. Chlorine changes hair color

After swimming, many people often notice a change in their hair color and wonder if the chlorinated water is to be blamed.

But chlorine is not the real culprit, it is the algaecides.

Some metal-based algaecides in the pool water easily bind to hair proteins, turning your hair green. 

But do not have to worry much about that as these easy tips can be helpful:

  • Shampoo your hair after swimming;
  • Before jumping into the pool, wear a swim cap;
  • Apply conditioner to your hair before getting into the water. 

5. Pool chemicals can reveal pee color

One of the most amusing rumours about pools is that there are pool chemicals that can open up your secret of peeing in the pool.

Funny, right?

In fact, this is one of the tactics that most parents use to stop their children from peeing in the pool. There is no such chemical that can reveal urine in a pool.

Pool chemicals can reveal pee color

But, if you are dehydrated, your pee is likely to turn dark yellow which can be easily seen by others. 

However, avoid this bad habit by taking bathroom breaks and maintain the hygiene of swimming pools. 

In the end…

There are many more rumours, and half-truths about swimming pools. 

Remember, there is always another side to any myth.  Do not believe anything on the face value and find more information to arm yourself with facts and not fiction. 

So, get ready, call your friends and enjoy your pool party without any fear.  

Enjoy Swimming!


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