Creative Sock Designs for Doctors

Sock Designs

Socks do not only have to be functional, but now they can have fun with refreshing patterns on them. Medical personnel is on their feet a lot, and as such, socks are necessary. Below are some sock designs that doctors should try out.

  • The Medical Equipment Sock designs 

There is nothing more synonymous with a medical doctor than the stethoscope around his neck. You can get some stethoscope printed socks that will be quite fun to look at, especially for your younger patients. Regardless of the bad reputation, stethoscope socks would be a great gift for your colleagues. You can even use the stethoscope picture to enclose your name. If you have specialized in a particular area, such as the lab, have a few test tubes and a microscope printed on the socks. Doctors in the ultrasound and x-ray departments can also have the relevant machines printed on the socks. There is no limitation to the medical equipment you can add to your socks.

  • The Pill Sock designs 

If you are a pharmacy doctor, getting some pill socks would be in line with your practice. Whether you prefer bright colors or dark ones, pill socks are covered. A clever idea would be to print a few of these socks and add them to the bag with the patient’s medication. Giving away this medication printed socks can be a reminder your young, and older patients need to remember to take their medication, especially if they have a long-term disease.

  • The Witty Socks

A certain tension is felt when patients come into seeking medical attention. For some doctors, they deflect such anxiety with their wit and humor. You can get a pair of socks that bears a funny quote or witty statement. You may also want to add some of the most common and hilarious self-diagnosis cases you have previously heard from your patients.

  • The Emoticon Socks

Hospitals are uncomfortable enough as it is. Apart from diagnosing the various ailments your patients come in for, it is important to make them as relaxed as possible. A sneak peek of socks with a smiley face or calm face can be therapeutic for the patients. Emoticon socks are a fun way to put your patients at ease, especially during procedures that may be deemed scary.

  • The Anatomy Socks

Anatomy is the main focus when you are a doctor. Depending on the type of doctor, you can have a few body parts printed on the socks. The most common body designs are the lungs, kidney, brain, and heart, where you can print the one most relevant to your field of expertise.

  • The Self-Portrait Socks

You can add a bit of yourself to your socks by having your picture and name printed on them. This is a great way to customize socks. There will be no confusion on whose socks they are on the plus side. Think. Think of it as a way to never lose socks again. You are bound to turn a few heads and stir a level of curiosity with your personalized socks.

Who would have thought there were so many ways for doctors to get creative with socks? The list above will come in handy for when you want to allow your creative juices to flow and choose a design that speaks to you.



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