Cost of Granite Countertops

Cost of Granite Countertops


It doesn’t matter if you want to reform the kitchen or if you’re building one from scratch. In both situations, an essential product to buy prevails the kitchen worktop. Today the market offers a wide range of materials and products, and from Cronoshare, we want to simplify everything for you, and therefore we will advise you on how to choose and how much it costs to install a kitchen worktop. This article provides you with the information you need not doubt granite countertops cost.

Installing granite kitchen tops

Kitchen worktop in black granite

Choosing granite as the primary material for installing the kitchen top and countertops is undoubtedly a wise choice. Not only because this precious material proves to be up to the task, for resistance and beauty, also because granite, like all the stones used in construction and furniture, is a natural material. It does not undergo major industrial transformations and reaches our homes almost as if extracted from quarries. So if you are looking for a “green” material, granite is undoubtedly the right choice.

Kitchen worktop in multicolored granite

The guarantee that they can last over time is absolute by installing a kitchen top and granite worktops. The hardness of granite is guaranteed for decades: it does not scratch or scratch, even after years in the kitchen, between knives, blades, and other typical blunt instruments. For this reason, choosing it as a kitchen top is a practical decision: the beauty of the top will remain unchanged over time, away from deterioration and chipping.

Kitchen worktop in white granite

So what to expect when installing a kitchen top and granite worktops? Undoubtedly high performance, as long as its maintenance is not neglected. Before being delivered to the home by the chosen company, the granite that will become a kitchen top will be treated to preserve its surface: although resistant, the granite is porous, stains and halos could change its natural color over time.

Kitchen worktop in gray granite

The granite chosen for the kitchen top installation can adapt without any problem to the kitchen also from an aesthetic point of view. The types of stone available are numerous, differing in both grain and color. Among the most used granites, there are undoubtedly black from Africa, very suggestive and intense, and white and red, able to personalize the kitchen in a captivating way.

Helpful information: Cost of Granite Countertops

Even granite and many other materials for installing kitchen tops are available on the market in more or less standard panels. However, finishing works are carried out for specific requests. A forum to install a kitchen top in granite has a very high cost of between 300 and 800 euros per square meter depending on the chosen type of granite. A panel to install a kitchen top in laminated wood can cost between 20 and 70 Euros per meter, depending on the style selected. Making a steel kitchen top turns out to be quite expensive.

What to consider when changing your old kitchen counter to install a granite one.

  • Changing the old kitchen top is part of the small renovations that can give a new and more handsome look to this area of ​​the house, without upsetting the pre-existing structure and above all, without investing large sums.
  • In this case, it will be essential to pay close attention to specific needs and to be advised by an expert on the new material to be installed. The kitchen tops can be of many materials. Each of them has specific characteristics, aesthetic peculiarities, and different performances.
  • If you choose to replace the old kitchen top with stone, a great choice will fall on granite.
  • Installing a new granite kitchen top will give the kitchen a whole new look, ensuring unquestionable strength and resistance.

But what should you pay attention to when installing a granite kitchen counter?

  • Granite is a weighty material. Suppose previously the kitchen was surmounted by a lighter laminate top. In that case, this new choice must be weighed in hand measurements: an expert will be able to evaluate whether the weight of the new top conforms to the type of underlying wall units, not least to the feet that support the structure.
  • If the feet are made of plastic, as efficient as they may have been up to that moment. Now it will be time to replace them with steel feet, more solid and resistant, and undoubtedly capable of bearing the new granite top’s weight.
  • Taking the correct measurements to cut the stone precisely, verifying the lid’s proper installation on the wall units and its anchor.
  • If the top is not well anchored to its base, the risks are not few. Like all kitchen tops, even the new one in granite must have cavities to insert the sink and burners. Exact measurements, in this case, are crucial.
  • To perform a correct installation of the granite kitchen top, it will also be necessary to evaluate how compliant the hob is: the flames and heat sources (including the oven) must be safe from the top material even if it is resistant. Granite.

How to choose a countertop

Before starting to consider different options, it is essential to resolve several questions that may influence your decision:

  • What is most important to you: aesthetics or functionality?
  • How much time do you want to dedicate to the maintenance of the worktop?
  • How much space do you have available in the kitchen?
  • Do you have budget limits?

How much does it cost to install a kitchen top?

Once all that is cleared up, it’s time to evaluate the different materials a countertop can be fabricated in and their prices. Below we reveal which are the most common.


Marble is one of the classic options for kitchen countertops. Primarily, marble is less dense and more porous than granite. This material is suitable for giving your kitchen a retro feel, although it can be integrated into virtually any style.

On the plus side, we can point out that it is very resistant to high temperatures, cuts, and stains. Also, it is very fashionable nowadays, especially the white finish. All these features make it a perfect choice for a kitchen worktop. On the other hand, it is necessary to consider that to keep this material in excellent condition. It is essential to carry out some maintenance. Furthermore, being a porous material, it is necessary to apply a waterproofing treatment (otherwise, some substances, such as vinegar, could stain it).

Price: It is not a cheap material, but it is also not the most expensive on the market. And it will also depend on the variety and quality of marble you choose for your kitchen. To give you an idea, market prices start at 100 euros per linear meter.

Granite: Cost of Granite Countertops

Granite always manages to provide a very sophisticated air. Like marble, it is a natural material and is very resistant to heat and impact. Its design offers several options: from the classic traditional ‘clean’ worktop to the more recent one, with striking designs and marked veins. The only downside is that it’s a matte version that doesn’t support grease stains.

Price: We have already indicated that this is a natural stone countertop, such as marble. In this sense, the price is quite comparable and similar to marble, and it is possible to find granite tops from 100 euros per linear meter. However, international or imported granite countertops can cost between 130 and 500 euros per meter.

Porcelain: Cost of Granite Countertops

Porcelain countertops have been a more recent alternative in the last period. Some important names, such as Neolith tops or Tottenham tops, are increasingly known for this material’s characteristics. Resists shocks, scratches, and heat.

Furthermore, it is not porous, and therefore no specific treatment is required to protect the surface and is straightforward to clean. The main disadvantages have to do with the reduced range of colors marketed today. And also with its price because installing a porcelain countertop involves a considerable investment.

Price: porcelain tops can cost between 230 and 500 euros per linear meter.

Silestone: Cost of Granite Countertops

Another of the most popular materials for kitchen countertops is Silestone. The result is a material of extraordinary hardness and resistance to stains and bacteria. Also, it is easy to maintain thanks to its non-porous finish. But its advantages don’t end there: it is also very versatile when it comes to kitchen design. It is possible to incorporate the sink on the counter. The only downside is that its resistance to high temperatures is lower than that offered by natural stone. In this sense, it is advisable to avoid subjecting it to very high heat pressures.

Price: it will depend on several factors (model, thickness, finishes, etc.). The fees of Silestone countertops range from 200 to 450 euros per linear meter.

Wood: Cost of Granite Countertops

Wood is the perfect material if you want a warmer aesthetic for your kitchen. One of the advantages of wood is that it integrates easily into any interior. The main problem with wood is that it requires some maintenance work. It is necessary to paint it from time to time because, over time, it becomes more fragile. However, despite its delicacy, there are special paints that reduce its porosity and increase its resistance.

Price: it is a slightly cheaper option than the previous ones. A solid wood worktop’s cost tends to move in a range between 50 and 100 euros per linear meter.

Stainless steel: Cost of Granite Countertops

If we were talking about giving a warmer and more rustic air to the kitchen with wood, stainless steel is perfect for obtaining an industrial, contemporary, and minimalist aesthetic. This material has multiple advantages: it is durable, hygienic, easy to clean and maintain, resistant to heat and stains. On the contrary, its main drawback is that it scratches relatively easily. For this reason, it is advisable always to use a cutting board or plate for protection when you want to cut. Also, finger marks will be more noticeable on this type of top.

Price: the price of this material describes a reasonably wide range. You can find stainless steel worktops from 70 to 200 euros per linear meter.


Laminate is the solution you are looking for if you need a cheap and decorative material. This material consists of wooden chipboard covered with a layer of plastic. This allows for great diversity in terms of design and colors and can even mimic other materials. It is an easy-to-maintain material but derived from wood. It suffers from contact with water. Like other disadvantages, we can point out that it is not resistant to shocks and scratches like other materials and has fewer aesthetic joints.

Price: We have already mentioned that it is a very economical option and this is one of its main attractions. It is also possible to obtain a laminate worktop for a price between 10 and 30 euros per linear meter.


No doubt you have heard of this material because it is very fashionable. It is chosen when the goal is to create a minimalist and modern kitchen. It is made of synthetic resin and is very soft to the touch. Give an elegant touch to any kitchen. The most striking feature of Corian is that it can be easily shaped to have curved and seamless surfaces or to include a sink. Another of its advantages is that it is straightforward to clean and is non-porous.

It offers many opportunities when it comes to design. But, as with everything, it also has its drawbacks. The main one has to do with the price; it is a rather expensive material. On the other hand, it poorly supports wine, tea, and coffee stains. It also does not offer the same hardness as natural stone and can deform when subjected to high temperatures.

Price: the cost of a Corian countertop will depend on the type of finish and desired thickness. The price of a 1.2 cm thick Corian top is about 300 euros per linear meter to give you an idea.


If you are a lover of classic solutions, you can always choose ceramic. Create a warm and comfortable environment, and you can customize the design to your liking (mosaics, neutral colors, etc.). Another advantage of this material is its price – it is pretty inexpensive. To this, we must add that it is also resistant and easy to clean.

The main problem you may encounter if you choose this material is that the tiles’ seams tend to get dirty. There is a chance that they will crack with heat or come off due to humidity.

Price: depending on the type of tile chosen, the cost can be between 10 and 30 euros per linear meter.

Glass: Cost of Granite Countertops

Finally, we want to tell you about an exquisite option: glass. As with other materials we have already seen, it fits perfectly into more contemporary and minimalist kitchens. It has excellent hygienic qualities and is very easy to clean. Add to that the style versatility (it comes in multiple colors). It’s an option that shouldn’t be taken lightly. As for disadvantages, it must be said that it is and remains glass. Therefore it is more fragile than other materials and withstands badly to impacts.

Price: it is a material with very variable expenses. In particular, a glass worktop can cost from 80 to 300 euros per linear meter.


How much does a custom kitchen cost?

The cost of creating a custom kitchen is difficult to estimate because it all depends on the type of material, size, and complexity of its design. To give you an idea, a custom kitchen with four elements and the relative wall units with custom corner elements and an ad hoc shaped top can start from € 4,000.

How much does it cost to assemble a kitchen?

The market cost for the assembly of a small kitchen is 250 € (small kitchen of 2-3 elements with the relative wall units), while for a more comprehensive solution or with an island or for those in which the top is shaped on the measure we must start from € 1,000.

How much does it cost to renovate a kitchen?

The cost of renovating a kitchen ranges from € 2,500 up to € 15,000. These very different figures are because depending on the situation in which the kitchen is located, its quality, and size, the cost can vary a lot. In this figure, then we must take into account. That when we talk about a renovation, we also mean work on the masonry, the systems, and the wall and floor coverings.


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